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Pokemon Recreated in Spore Look Absolutely Horrifying

Author : sydney
Publish Date : 2021-03-03 08:53:55
Pokemon Recreated in Spore Look Absolutely Horrifying

The 2008 life simulation title developed by Maxis, Spore, leads players through stages of life with user-created creatures from a cell all the way to the space age. The title was met with very positive reviews when it was released, heavily regarded for its in-depth creation mode that allows players to create creatures, buildings, and vehicles with great detail. Players can customize creatures' limbs, sensory organs, colors, weapons, and accessories like wings, tentacles, and more.

The deep customization in creature creator enables players to use their imagination to come up with endless designs of alien-like creatures, or modeled after nearly any creature they can think of. The freedom to create any creature can produce a cute and cuddly creature, or perhaps a monster that can haunt the nightmares of any who gaze upon it. One Spore player may have had an idea to produce a cute design based on one of the most iconic collection of creatures, but may have wound up creating horrifying figures.

A Spore player has shared creature designs based on a number of Pokemon creatures that may scare even fans of the franchise. Although it may be fairly easy to identify which Pokemon the Spore creations are based off, it will be hard to unsee the rendition of them in Spore. The fan shared 50 different Pokemon, with each more terrifying than the last. The Pokemon created in Spore include Blaziken, Lapras, Machamp, Venusaur, Wigglytuff, and an especially horrifying Weepinbell.

The Spore creator gets creative with the use of accessories, eyes, mouths, and colors to produce these Pokemon look-alikes. Many of the creations look horrifying due to the customization options in the Spore Creature Creator by Maxis, while others look fairly similar to the monsters they are modeled after.

Pokemon just celebrated its 25-year anniversary, and most likely would not have made it so long if the Pokemon looked anything like these Spore creations. The 25-year celebration kicked off with virtual Pokemon concert featuring Post Malone, and included special events in Pokemon games like Pokemon GO, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Cafe Mix.

The Pokemon Company also recently announced Diamond and Pearl remakes for the Nintendo Switch, meaning players will get to experience the older games on the newest Nintendo console with a graphical update. While Pokemon is gearing up for a big 2021 with many announcements, hopefully Pokemon fans will sleep soundly knowing the Spore creations are not available in the original games.

Every day, Pokemon comes closer and closer to becoming reality. First, Pokemon GO gave the world a peek at how things would be if Pokemon were real, but only through the lens of one's mobile phone. Today, Microsoft gave a look at Pokemon GO through a different kind of lens... the Microsoft HoloLens 2, to be exact.

At today's Microsoft Ignite 2021 keynote, the tech giant demonstrated the future capabilities of its aforementioned AR headset through a proof-of-concept video. The demo didn't show how this would work for consumer use, but it did visualize the potential in HoloLens technology by combining it with the highly successful Pokemon GO.


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