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Dirt 5 Adding Crossplay Matchmaking This Week

Author : blindmarkq
Publish Date : 2021-05-11 13:01:12
Dirt 5 Adding Crossplay Matchmaking This Week

Dirt 5 has announced the addition of new, free content coming to the game. In addition to adding things like new liveries, structures, and other features, the game will also be adding a long-requested fan feature, cross-platform matchmaking.

Launched in November 2020, Dirt 5 is an off-road racing title featuring multiple disciplines such as rallycross and ice racing, and was the last game from developer Codemasters before it was purchased by EA. The game has been made available on the Xbox Game Pass, something that has created a lasting player count increase.

The latest Dirt 5 update includes a multitude of new content. In terms of cross-platform matchmaking, all public lobbies will now connect to all other platforms, which should result in an overall more competitive community. Red Bull will have more content in the game, with eight liveries and the iconic arch from the energy drink company becoming available in Playgrounds mode. The same mode will also be getting a new wet and stormy weather condition, which comes complete with severe rain and lightning strikes, and will be available for all Playground arenas in Arizona, Italy, and South Africa. The new update also adds ghost lap times for the first time ever, letting players display global leaderboard times directly onto the track.

The new free content update rolls out on May 11, meaning players will hardly have any sort of wait. While it may not as big of an update as the Dirt 5 Energy Pack, which added things like new cars and dozens of career events, its pretty hard to argue with the low, low price of free.

Dirt 5 is possible the best off-road racing game yet, being one of the highest rating PS5 games of 2020. At least that's what a lot of fans are saying. For one, it's gorgeous, and players get to travel the globe, racing in all sorts of exotic places. Combining that with the most iconic cars, and the biggest beasts in the history of off-roading, and players have Dirt 5.

This game perfectly combines the love of cars with the awesome feeling of racing, introducing some timeless classics alongside some of the more modern off-road kings, so there's something for everyone out there. The selection is so big in fact, that players have a hard time choosing from all the possibilities. This is why players everywhere have shared what the best and most thrilling cars are in the game.

One of the more nostalgic cars, this timeless Porsche 959 is a very solid car when it comes to Dirt 5. It's super fun to drive, it will definitely win most races, and can handle off-roading well.

It looks like a jewelry boy, but at the same time, it's very powerful, and is a wise investment, especially for those car-savvies out there who can really appreciate what this car is all about.

Surprisingly for some, this is one of the best rallycross cars in the game, proving to be everything that's missing from the life of the player. Driving it is incredibly easy, handling is a dream, it's just a smooth car.


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