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Battlefield Teases Expectant Fans With Weird Tweet

- By sumharley
Publish Date : 2021-03-27 07:15:04
Battlefield Teases Expectant Fans With Weird Tweet

A new Battlefield is on the way. It was confirmed by EA CEO Andrew Wilson that the next Battlefield is in development and that it would be ready by the end of 2021. Since then--and even before it was confirmed--the rumor mill has been churning in regards to the EA shooter. There have been countless leaks and rumors of leaks about Battlefield 6, and it is difficult to determine which may be true. But recently the Battlefield Twitter page found a clever and somewhat strange way to counter some of those possible leaks.

Sometimes it is best to fight fire with fire. The Battlefield leaks and rumors have seemingly been endless as of late. So instead of answering the rumors or totally ignoring them, the Battlefield social media team seems to be fighting back with some good old fashioned trolling.

Recently, Twitter user Roberto Serrano (former Chief Editor of 4News.it) posted a tweet indicating inside information on Battlefield 6. In a bullet-point structure, Serrano noted Battlefield 6's modern warfare setting, its player count, large and small scale battles, a battle royale mode, level destruction, customization, the fact that the game would be running in Frostbite, when the game will release, what platforms it will be on, and more. Most of the information is not new, as it is really just all of the rumors gathered together in one tweet.

In response to this, however, the official Battlefield Twitter page did something rather unusual and funny. With the exact same format of Serrano's tweet, the Battlefield page sent out a tweet about spaghetti. Its bullet points noted important things such as the fact that it is good with garlic bread, it is 'slippy,' noodley, is spaghetti, can be used as decoration, and is always available. The social media post made sure to use the hashtag Spaghetti and include a giant image of the word, which is the exact same format of the tweet of the apparent leaked Battlefield news.

Many believe that Battlefield 6 will be officially revealed in May, and with that announcement, the game's details may also be unveiled. What is certain is that this next entry into the series is a rather important one for DICE and EA. It has been three years since Battlefield 5 released, and the franchise's biggest competitor, Call of Duty, has had monumental success over the past couple of years. The decisions that go into the game being set in modern-day, having a battle royale, and all of the other possibilities are important. This could be partially why the leaks and rumors are brought up so often, as fans of the series are simply hoping for the best for Battlefield moving forward.

Battlefield 6 is officially on the way, and based on the rumors and teasers that have appeared for the game thus far, it sounds like it will be a natural evolution of the series. From a larger player count to some intriguing possibilities regarding the game’s setting, there is a lot for longtime fans to be excited about. That said, while Battlefield 6 already sounds promising, it could be an even better game if it takes notes from its peers.


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