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Knockout City Details Soundtrack and Sound Design

Author : craigmacs
Publish Date : 2021-05-07 14:02:36
Knockout City Details Soundtrack and Sound Design

During a long-awaited Nintendo Direct presentation back in February, fans got their foot look at the all-new "dodgebrawler" game from EA and Velan Studios, Knockout City. The team-based dodgeball game sees 2 teams of 3 take each other on in brutal games of dodgeball to see who comes out on top, complete with special types of dodgeballs, stylized areas to compete in, and a variety of team-based mechanics, including the ability to throw one's teammates at their opponents.

During a limited-time cross-play beta last month, fans were able to test the game out and get their first taste of Knockout City's in-game radio station KO City Pirate Radio. Each match features live commentary by the game's own witty DJ, accompanied by fast-paced jazz-inspired music. Now, Velan Studios has officially revealed the musical duo behind Knockout City's soundtrack.

In a new blog post today, the Knockout City team at Velan Studios reveals that the game's official soundtrack is a collaboration with Sonny and Matt of The Soundlings. Knockout City's original soundtrack consists of a whopping 19 original music tracks, featuring songs that take on a variety of different personas, all inspired by over 30 different genres of music, making fans feel like their listening to different bands within the world of Knockout City.

While players can listen to The Soundlings' original music during their dodgebrawls via Knockout City's KO City Pirate Radio, the soundtrack is also officially available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streaming platforms. Of course, this isn't the Soundlings' first foray into official soundtracks, also creating the music behind DC's Shazam! film, Netflix's Narcos Mexico, and HBO's Lovecraft Country, among other projects. Velan Studios describes its efforts to capture a retro-futuristic aesthetic in Knockout City's sound design by not only capturing the classic "thwack" sound a dodgeball makes on impact, but synthesizing it to put a bit of a futuristic spin on it.

An endless amount of grunts and other vocalizations were recorded to fit any situation a player might find themselves in to place a focus on fans' freedom to express themselves through their in-game character's voice, which could even be customized during Knockout City's  April cross-play beta, the game's 3-in-1 referee, sports announcer, and DJ were carefully crafted as well, based on mysterious radio emcees from the 1950s and 60s, such as Wolfman Jack and Jocko Henderson.

Knockout City's cross-play beta was incredibly well-received by fans, with many eager to get their hands on the fast-paced dodgeball game in just a few weeks. Upon the game's release, players who want to try out the game will have access to a limited-time free trial, after which it can be purchased or even accessed via Xbox Game Pass or EA Play.

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