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Apple Introducing New Purple iPhone 12 Color

Author : lanternqui
Publish Date : 2021-04-22 14:26:12
Apple Introducing New Purple iPhone 12 Color

A new iPhone 12 color has just been revealed. Fans of the Apple product may have been waiting for a new color, and this one looks rather eye-popping in its design. The purple shade iPhone 12 will be available to pre-order this Friday.

While Apple may not be quite ready to reveal the rumored iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, this fresh iPhone 12 color should give fans something exciting in the meantime. The announcement was made during the Apple Event. The electronic behemoth also took the opportunity to announce a redesign for its iMac computers.

Not to be confused with Nintendo's new Switch color, Apple's fresh iPhone 12 color is quite purple, beautiful, and elegant. The purple color will be available for both the iPhone 12 (with pricing starting at $799 USD) and the iPhone 12 Mini (with pricing starting at $699 USD) and it will be available on April 30, 2021. Pre-orders will go live this Friday; the device ships with iOS 14.5.

Apple still feels like it is very much on top of the mobile phone world, but it has stiff competition with the likes of Android devices from Samsung. The new iPhone 12 color may be exciting, but there are likely plenty of fans of the company and phone that would be much happier to see the iPhone 13 be on the way instead. There are those who get less excited about the color of a phone because they are more apt to put a case on it anyway--the guts of the device are far more important.

Apple has worked long and hard to become one of the most recognizable names in the tech industry. It's gotten extremely famous for the production of the iPhone, the Mac, and so on, but it's a big part of the video game industry too. Thanks to its popular phones, Apple is a big hitter in mobile gaming via Apple Arcade. One would expect, then, that it has a strong reputation in the game industry. Unfortunately for Apple, that isn't the case. The truth is that most fans of video games look on Apple negatively and don't particularly want to engage with it.

There's two major reasons that Apple falters when it comes to gaming. For one, it's not known for producing computers that are good for gaming. The vast majority of games on computers are PC exclusive and not suitable for Macs. PC gamers don't really care about Apple because it doesn't make products that do them much good. The other part of Apple's problem with the game industry is its reputation for controversy. Fortnite fans are well aware of Apple's heated debate with Epic Games over Fortnite's microtransactions and how much it paid to Apple. This fight with Epic Games is representative of Apple's greater habit of getting in the way of members of the game industry.

Apple and Epic Games' debacle over Fortnite is probably the most famous example of Apple's troubled interactions with video games. The Fortnite struggle took the summer of 2020 by storm, and it's still ongoing -- Apple and Epic are going to court in May. However, the argument over Fortnite's revenue is just one example. Apple has a history of blocking and otherwise causing problems for cloud gaming providers like Project xCloud and Google Stadia. The iOS version of Facebook Gaming also faced major setbacks last year due to apparent difficulties in working with Apple.


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