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Rustic Weddings Guide: Top Things You Need to Know First!

Author : ivan2121
Publish Date : 2021-03-31 11:38:48
Rustic Weddings Guide: Top Things You Need to Know First!

When it comes to favourite wedding aesthetics, a rustic wedding is part of the list. This type of theme is perfect for the outdoors and for couples who want to experience the beauty of nature as part of their wedding day with a rural appeal. 

So, if you already have a decided wedding date and are planning for it, here are some tips and things you need to know if you want to have the best rustic wedding. 


What is a Rustic Wedding?


A rustic wedding is a wonderful wedding theme that provides couples with plenty of flexibility with the appearance and feels. A rustic wedding theme is a classic one that centres around pastoral decorations including mason jars, birch vases, and barn venues while having nature surrounding the place. 


What is the difference between vintage and rustic? 


For you to easily understand this, vintage is time and rustic is place. But let’s try to elaborate it more a little; a vintage theme is something that utilizes items and decor that represents a specific period of time, or the items themselves are old. On the other hand, rustic usually displays a farm/ countryside or outdoorsy look. 


Choose a Colour Palette 


Before you prepare anything else for your rustic wedding, the first thing you need to do is to pick a colour palette. To guide you on which colour you should choose, you must embrace nature because a real rustic feel comes with earth-toned hues. Here are some tones you can consider for your wedding: 


  • Dusty sage (to copy the soft green hues of trees and grass) 

  • Dusty blue or steel blue ( to reflect the blue shades of the sky)

  • Biscotti (soft tan shade for bringing everything together) 

  • Jewel tones (to bring a pop of colour) 

  • Apple, sangria, marigold, gem (bright shades for creating good contrast against a natural hued backdrop) 

  • Sedona, cinnamon, sienna (radiant hues to incorporate the feels of sunrise and sunset) 

  • Sand (perfect neutral shade to complement other colours and to complete your palette) 


If you are confused about finding the perfect colour palette for your wedding, consider talking to an event styling professional who can help you out. 


Location of the Rustic Wedding


If you want to have the ultimate rustic wedding, it’s suggested that you host the big celebration in a barn or a field. However, if it’s not possible to get access to these type of amazing locations, you may still consider getting a venue that has a homespun feel. You can try options like back-country resorts, backyards, or log buildings. If you decide to do your wedding outside, you must make sure you have access to an available tent or other means of shelter in case of bad weather. If you can’t find any rustic locale, there are many ways to up the country element through decor.  


Bringing Rustic to Life With Decorations 


Aside from mason jars and burlap, there are other decor ideas to bring your rustic wedding to life, here are some of them: 


  • Huge wooden barrels can be used as a bar table. 

  • The season can be utilized in your themes such as pumpkins, fall plaids, or summer flowers/ greens. 

  • Mason jars can be used to host candy, notes, floating votive candles for guests to write messages for the newlyweds. 

  • Flare-up the twinkly string lights and candles to brighten up dinner and dancing. 

  • Turn picnic tables to be sophisticated and beautiful with solid paintwork, an elegant table cloth, and place settings. 

  • Transform birch-tree logs into flower holders or make use of the pattern from the wonderful bark as inspiration for the wedding cake’s frosting. 

  • Place chalkboards to inform your guests what they’ll be having for dinner, create the timing of your actual ceremony and reception, or share your love story and express gratitude to your guests. 

  • Barn woods can be used to make signs of directions for guests where they can go, indicate seating arrangements, and display sweet sayings about your love story.

  • If the wedding will be taking place in a lakeside, you can place water, beer, and pop in a kayak with ice for a special outdoor cooler.

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