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How to Secure Your Device From Online Threats

- By techsquad2
Publish Date : 2021-05-11 06:42:01
How to Secure Your Device From Online Threats

Online threats can harm your computer as well as data. These threats are increasing every day and creating lots of damage. You should secure the device from all the threats for keeping the data safe. These threats can enter the device while accessing the internet. But not using the internet is not an option. You use the internet for performing many jobs. For protecting the computer from online threats then you should access the internet securely.


Use personal network


If you want to access the internet securely then connect the device with a personal network. Using a public network can get you into lots of online threats like spyware, hackers. While playing online games or watching a movie, a smooth public Wi-Fi keeps like cotton candy. People immediately connect the device to the public network. But many of the public hotspots are fake. Cybercriminals create fake hotspots for hacking. When you connect the system to a hotspot; malware like spyware enters the device. Hackers can access the device and can monitor all your activities. These cybercriminals can steal all your information and funds. Always access the personal internet and keep the system secure.


Use internet security tools


If you want to keep the network secure then try using internet security tools. You can purchase internet security tools like firewalls, etc. Users can also install antivirus on the system. Many antivirus programs provide malware protection along with internet security tools like ransomware protection, VPN, etc. Run antivirus on the system and secure the device against all threats. If you get into Norton security error 8504 and 100; check for system files. Your antivirus can get into error when system files of Windows are not working. Repair the system files and then run the security software on the system.


Do not click on unsecured links and pop-ups


While using the internet you may get lots of pop-ups on the page. Some of the pop-ups are related to ads but many of them can be malicious. Malware like Trojan Horse can’t enter the device without permission. But when you click on the pop-up; they immediately get installed on the system. Sometimes they hackers send pop-ups such as your device is under virus infection. Never click on those types of warning messages; hackers send those messages to panic the user. When the user clicks the warning message; hackers get the path to enter the network. Once the hacker enters the system; he can access the whole system. Never click on pop-ups while accessing the internet. You can install the AdBlocker. Add this extension to the browser and then you won’t get any ads or pop-ups on the browser.


Use a firewall


The firewall can check all your traffic on the network. New devices have inbuilt firewalls which actively inspect the network. But the inbuilt firewall mostly checks the incoming traffic only. For monitoring the network activities then install a personal firewall on the system. While using the firewall; if it blocks any sites then don’t try to access it. People often disable the firewall while playing online games as it interrupts the network. But your firewall only interrupts the network when the incoming traffic is suspicious. Disabling the firewall can harm the system. Malware can easily enter the system and create various harm.


Use a VPN while accessing a public network


Using a public network is always dangerous. While traveling to remote areas abroad; you can’t access the personal internet. Many countries like South Korea provide a personal Wi-Fi device at the airport. You can rent it and carry personal Wi-Fi. If you have to connect the device with a public network then use the VPN. This tool will mask the IP address of your device. Users can use the public network as their own. After using the VPN, hackers won’t find you on the public network. You can also use the VPN for streaming content. If you need to stream something on the web but it is blocked on the current location then set the VPN to another location. Now reload the page and you can access the data easily. Using a VPN also prevents data theft.

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