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Kratom And Sex Drive: All You Need To Know

- By jessica
Publish Date : 2021-03-30 05:23:42
Kratom And Sex Drive: All You Need To Know

Despite how vital sex life is, most people tend to ignore it on account of their hectic life. The never-ending work deadlines and mounting social pressure can often leave you and your partner exhausted and diminish your sex drive. Whether you purposely avoid it or don’t have the time or energy, sex is essential for a healthy relationship with your partner. People with diminished sex drive are resorting to natural remedies to boost sex life, like kratom.

Do you think your libido is reducing? Are you wondering how kratom can affect your sex drive? Dive right in to find out everything you must know about kratom and sex drive.

What is kratom?

Kratom is a plant that originated centuries ago in Southeast Asian countries. The natives of Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia have been using the herb for its medicinal properties ever since. While it emerged as a popular substitute for opium, people are enjoying its many health benefits. Many people think that the botanical product is identical to cannabis, but it hasn’t caught up on the trend. If you wish to enjoy the herb’s benefits, you can look for red bali kratom and incorporate it into your life.  

There are many different strains of kratom available today. The three most popular variants of the plant depend on the color of the vein. It can be either red, green, or white, and the effects of kratom can vary with the vein color you pick. You can find 21 different alkaloids in kratom, which determines the impact. Among them, mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are the most prominent ones.

Can kratom boost your sex drive?

There are numerous ways to boost your sex drive, from exercise to diet and even supplements. Kratom is a natural supplement that may help increase your sex drive in the following ways:

  1. Can reduce pain

While sex should ideally be a pleasurable activity, it isn’t that for everyone. Many people, especially women, tend to feel immense pain during intercourse. It can affect the entire experience and also contribute to decreasing libido. Kratom can help reduce the pain organically. Since kratom is an agonist, it binds with the mu-opioid receptors present in your brain. 

The effects of the herb can be similar to opioids or artificial painkillers that reduce the pain. Besides that, the herb’s metabolites may also bring down pain or inflammation and offer instant relief.

  1. May alleviate anxiety or stress

It is prevalent for people to get anxious with the mere thought of getting intimate with their partner, which can also be performance anxiety. In case your sex life is suffering because of this reason, you must try kratom. It can work as an anti-anxiety agent and help by taking away the stressful and anxious thoughts. You can feel happy, relaxed, and enthusiastic, which can improve your sex life.

  1. Can heighten your senses

While you may think sex to be a relatively straightforward process, it isn’t. You and your partner need to be in the mood, and your bodies need to function adequately for sex to be enjoyable. Kratom may help you here by heightening your senses through the euphoria it can induce. Each of your senses can feel heightened, be it smell, touch, hearing, sight, or taste. Using kratom can ensure you enjoy it more and might also affect your ability to orgasm.

  1. May boost energy

Is your sex drive decreasing because you are always tired from your busy schedule? You can rekindle your love life by boosting your energy level with kratom. The alkaloids present in kratom can interact with the cerebral system and stimulate it to give you an adrenaline rush. You will have plenty of energy even after an exhausting day to get intimate with your partner.  

How to use kratom for a better sex drive?

Kratom can have plenty of health benefits, but the effects depend majorly on the consumption method you choose. If you’re planning to improve your sex drive with kratom but don’t know where to begin, here are some of the ways of using it:

1.       Loose powder

You can find kratom readily available in the form of loose powder. If you’re new to the herb, start by consuming 2-3 grams of kratom powder with warm water. It will be wise to start with a small dose of the herb and gradually increase the intake.

2.       Capsules

Whether you don’t like the taste of raw kratom powder or are looking for a more convenient way, you can opt for capsules. All you need to do here is ingest the capsule with water and feel the changes instantly.

3.       With food

Kratom can also go well with other food and beverages. You can brew kratom powder in water to enjoy a cup of kratom tea. Besides that, you can also add the herb to a smoothie, yogurt, and even protein shake.  

Final Thoughts

In the last few years, kratom has managed to become a household name. With more benefits of the herb coming to light and scientific evidence proving the efficacy, people worldwide are willing to try kratom. The latest addition to this unending list of ways kratom can change your life is affecting your sex drive. If you’re unable to get some intimate time with your partner due to the lack of sex drive, you can try kratom. The herb can help you rekindle your sex life quickly.

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