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Autoflowers or feminized seeds indoor cultivation?

- By emmadobie
Publish Date : 2021-07-15 21:07:37
Autoflowers or feminized seeds indoor cultivation?

With the growing popularity of the indoor cultivation of cannabis, people juggle between which seeds to use for their first cultivation. There are many reasons to pick one over the other, but it helps decide better if you know about the seed you’ll be buying. If you are already in the know and just came to brush over the basics, you can shop for them at ILGM. For those new to this, here is a summary of both to let you decide.

Feminized seeds

Normally when you grow a plant, you have to take care of male parts in the growth cycle of your plant and then take care of it in the end. Not so with feminized seeds! They are parts that are made with artificial plants. That in no way makes them artificial; the seeds that come out of it are truly natural; it’s only the artificial parent that carries the property. 

A feminized cannabis seed has only female parts, with the male parts absent in the seeds. This helps majorly during the growth of buds, as there is no need to take care of the male bud. Male parts do not carry any THC and CBD, which the cultivators are looking to smoke. The reason for picking male parts seeds is because female seeds have the ability to only make buds, which are high in THC and CBD content. 

Female seeds also have the ability to go further in cultivation and make offsprings of the same nature, resulting in a supply of female plants with large buds quantity over a large period of time. It also acts as a mother plant, which brings uniformity in the amount of yield.

Autoflowering Seeds

Seeds born by cross breeding ruderalis and Indica and Sativa. These plants have a short life cycle, are sturdy, and can handle a little bit of pollution. They came out of nowhere, and then boom! They surged in popularity just a few times later. These plants are known to be beginner-friendly, because the amount of attention you need to provide is the least compared in all of cultivation history. 

And their sturdiness makes it easy for them to grow anywhere, making them resistant to molds, insects, and frosts. They do, however, have only one-time use and do not yield any offspring, making the grower buy from breeders once they have run out of their stock. Autoflower seeds produce cannabis extremely fast and quite easily too. They can be grown uncannily everywhere, which makes the crop yield at the right time. Some growers have even reported that they were able to grow twice the amount in the same period—a testament to their fast growth.


It comes down to the level the grower is at and the dedication they are willing to give to their yield. If they are new or want to put in as little effort as possible in it, Autoflowers are for them, do keep in mind that they are one-time use, and you would have to buy from a breeder.

Feminized seeds, on the other hand, are a one-time investment, but they come with attention from the grower over periods of time on top of not having Autoflowers advantage being grown anywhere. Based on your personal preference, take your pick; you can shop for them at ILGM. Happy yielding to you.

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