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Beautiful and Healthy Skin with Photorejuvenation Therapy

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Publish Date : 2021-05-02 10:34:19
Beautiful and Healthy Skin with Photorejuvenation Therapy

Laser photorejuvenation therapy has many benefits for facial skin.
Stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, or exposure to direct sunlight can cause various facial skin problems. Then, fine lines and signs of aging also start to show over time.

No need to worry, one of the treatments you can do is a good photorejuvenation treatment to fight various skin problems.
What Is Photorejuvenation Therapy?
Described by dr. Astrid Wulan Kusumoastuti, the term photorejuvenation refers to a series of therapies to repair skin damage caused by the aging process and sun exposure.

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"Photorejuvenation methods are now widely used, for example by laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), or LED. There are two types of photorejuvenation in general, which are ablative and non-ablative," said dr. Astrid.

Photorejuvenated treatments can also help reduce and treat common skin problems, such as acne, melasma, brown spots, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea.


Photorejuvenation treatments are usually carried out in 3-6 sessions which are usually scheduled to be about 1 month apart.

Although the effects can be seen after the first session, overall treatment will need to be taken for maximum results.

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The benefits of photorejuvenation depend on the skin condition of each individual. Photorejuvenated treatment is recommended for those of you who have skin problems such as the following:

Rosacea and abnormal redness.
Stretch marks and wrinkles on the face.
Hyperpigmentation, brown spots on the skin, or darkening of the skin due to excessive production of melatonin (skin pigment).
Spider veins.
Before starting treatment, the dermatologist or beautician will apply a cool lubricant to the area of ​​interest to cool the outer layer of the skin during the treatment.

Then, a light wave will be applied to the affected area of ​​the skin. Patients usually feel a warm sensation when light waves hit the skin. The procedure can take a few minutes to an hour.

When skin tissue absorbs light, light energy stimulates the cells underneath to promote the body's natural cell regeneration process.

As a result, the skin can be regenerated and has a smoother texture. Before the first treatment, it is recommended that you:

Avoid sunbathing or exposure to direct sunlight.
Discontinue use of retinoids, tetracyclines, and minocycline several days before treatment.
Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen a week before treatment.
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Pay attention to the side effects of photorejuvenation on the skin
After the procedure, the targeted skin area can be cooled with an ice pack if you feel any discomfort.

You may also experience side effects such as mild swelling, redness, and the appearance of tiny capillaries on the treated skin area.

However, it usually clears up on its own within a few hours or days after the procedure.

"The risk of photorejuvenation side effects, especially the abrasive ones, includes infection, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), hypopigmentation, or depigmentation," said dr. Astrid.

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After treatment, you are asked to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Always wear a hat and sunscreen when you go outside.

# Get to know Molluscum Contagiosum, an acne-like lump in babies
Baby's skin is prone to various complaints. Conditions such as rashes, spots, itching, and peeling, can occur in babies with various causes.

One of the disorders that can occur on your little one's skin is molluscum contagiosum. This skin infection causes small bumps or spots like pimples. What are the symptoms and causes of molluscum contagiosum in babies?

Molluscum Contagiosum Can Occur in Infants
Not only adults, babies can also experience molluscum contagiosum. Doctor Sepriani Timurtini Limbong explained that this skin infection is caused by the molluscum contagiosum virus.

Molluscum contagiosum is painless and usually harmless. This disease can be spread through direct contact with someone who has it or by touching objects contaminated with the virus, such as towels, toys or clothing.

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The lump usually goes away on its own and rarely leaves a scar. Then, the length of time the lump or rash stays on the body of each child can vary, from months to years.

Generally, the ages of children who get molluscum contagiosum are 1-5 years. But,

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