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Jennie BLACKPINK and G-Dragon, This is the Love Story of 3 KPop Idol Couples

- By ujangcadas850
Publish Date : 2021-02-24 19:32:03
Jennie BLACKPINK and G-Dragon, This is the Love Story of 3 KPop Idol Couples

Jennie BLACKPINK and G-Dragon, This is the Love Story of 3 KPop Idol Couples

BLACKPINK's Jennie and G-Dragon surprised fans after reportedly dating. The two of them are known to be close like siblings, but are unexpectedly have a special relationship. Apart from Jennie BLACKPINK and G-Dragon, there are two other KPop idol couples who are currently dating.
The news that the KPop idol couple often raises pros and cons when exposed. Because of this, a number of KPop idol couples are dating secretly to 'protect' fans' hearts.

However, there are also not a few KPop idol couples who spit their intimacy openly. To be sure, the KPop idol's love affair has made netizens curious about the story of the closeness of the two to dating.
The following is the story of 3 KPop idol couples who are in a relationship, including Jennie BLACKPINK and G-Dragon:
1. Super Junior's Heechul and TWICE's Momo
The story of this KPop idol couple began when Super Junior's Heechul uploaded a selfie with Momo TWICE on Instagram @kimheenim in June 2016. No one expected that the two of them had a special relationship, because this KPop idol is known to be friendly with his juniors.
One month later, Super Junior's Heechul was reunited with TWICE's Momo, who was a guest star on the Weekly Idol television program. Both of them even had a legendary moment, when Momo TWICE did the aegyo 'Nico Nico Nii' and made Super Junior's Heechul 'blush'.






Super Junior's Heechul couldn't help smiling at the sight of TWICE's Momo, and his heart rate was pounding up to 136 bpm. Since then, Heechul has been known to be a fan of TWICE's Momo and met on the television programs Flower Crew and Knowing Bros.
In January 2020, Momo's agency TWICE and Super Junior's Heechul confirmed the two are dating. This KPop idol couple was reported by the media Market News, which said the two started to close in 2017.

Even though many are happy with this KPop idol couple, not a few are skeptical. Because Super Junior's Heechul and Momo TWICE have a 13 year age difference. In the midst of this news, Super Junior's Heechul announced his hiatus from YouTube, but has now been active again.
2. HyunA and DAWN
In 2018, the public was shocked by the photo of DAWN and HyunA released by Dispatch. Cube Entertainment's agency denied the rumors of the two of them, however HyunA and DAWN admitted their relationship in an interview with Yeonhap News.

This KPop idol couple claimed to have been dating since 2016 because of love during the promotion of the Triple H group. This confession caused controversy until the agency canceled all Triple H's show schedules.
Cube Entertainment then decided to terminate the KPop idol couple's contract because they could not 'maintain their trust'. After being 'expelled' from Cube Entertainment, HyunA and DAWN joined the P Nation agency pioneered by PSY.

In the Knowing Bros television program, HyunA revealed that he liked DAWN who was a trainee at the time. She often gave him gifts, but DAWN didn't think the famous HyunA would like him.
After getting to know each other, DAWN started to have feelings for HyunA because they have a lot in common. And finally one night, HyunA called DAWN by phone to express his feelings.
3. Jennie BLACKPINK and G-Dragon
Today, Wednesday (24/2/2021), the public was shocked by the photos of Jennie BLACKPINK and G-Dragon released by Dispatch. The KPop idol couple have been dating for one year and often date secretly.

Before returning home, after going through a routine, Jennie BLACKPINK often visited G-Dragon's house which is located in Hannam-dong. Dispatch even revealed that the relationship between the two was an 'open secret' at the YG Entertainment agency
This KPop idol couple is well known to the public and has a relationship like siblings. Before debuting with BLACKPINK, Jennie appeared in G-Dragon's music video for 'That XX' and collaborated with him on the song 'BLACK.'
As a senior, G-Dragon often gives input to Jennie BLACKPINK because both of them hold rapper positions. On one occasion, Jennie BLACKPINK also revealed that G-Dragon helped her a lot during her trainee period.
Most recently, Dispatch reported that G-Dragon had visited the location of BLACKPINK's MV shooting to show his support for Jennie BLACKPINK. His car was also parked at Kintex on Saturday (30/1/2021) yesterday, when BLACKPINK's virtual concert 'THE SHOW' took place.

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