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3D application step by step master class

- By soledigitization123
Publish Date : 2021-04-27 15:37:54
3D application step by step master class

I chose a picture for a long time and settled on an embroidery digitizing free design from some Western site. From which one, I do not remember anymore.

I chose the remains of organza for the appliqué - I will be an insect do and the wings should be translucent.


For the wings, I made a separate file in 2 steps.

  • According to the drawing, she outlined the wings with satin of constant width as they look.

2. I unstuck the wings from each other and put them in a row so that later it would be comfortable to cut along the edge of the curb.

The places that will be sewn up by the body of a mosquito, I decided not to process with satin in order to avoid great thickness. In this design, the wings overlap at the base, and the satin borders in the 2nd layer will create a bump under the element that will sew them up. Therefore, I made simple stitches on the lower sewn part of the wings.

Next, I made the main file with the rest of the design:

Now it's time for the car.

For the embroidery of the wings, I burned in 2 layers of organza without any stabilizers.

Embroidered mosquito wings:

She carefully cut them along the contour of satin. At the bottom of the wings, in the place where they will be sewn up by the body, I left the organza a little more, without cutting it to the lines. I reasoned like this: let the organza remain a little more, but then I certainly can be sure that everything will be sewn tightly with me. And the organza can then be carefully trimmed and set on fire:

Next, I covered the base fabric and started to embroider the rest of the design. When developing a design, all the elements that should be visually behind the appliqué were the first to put up for embroidery:

On the body of the mosquito, I immediately saw the place where I had to put my wings so that they were sewn up: an empty wedge under the head. In this wedge, I tried to neatly place the wings, pinning them with pins. It would be much more convenient to glue the wings with temporary glue, but it does not hold the organza. Then I had to make do with what I have:

Next, I have embroidery digitizing services a line that sweeps the wings to the right place. Then the applique is immediately sewn on top with an element that covers its edges. The edges of the protruding organza still had to be cut during embroidery so that it would not stick out.

Further, the embroidery continues to its logical end.

As a result, I got such a mosquito. He has some flaws, but, in general, a very impressive appearance. At the expense of the wings, of course.

The embroidery process for such an appliqué is rather laborious and requires care. But the effect is worth it and only 7,500 stitches.

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