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Zombie Army 4 is Not a Zombie Game to Sleep On

Author : moscovaley
Publish Date : 2021-04-01 09:07:40
Zombie Army 4 is Not a Zombie Game to Sleep On

PS Plus comes with plenty of benefits. While the cloud storage and PlayStation store discounts are nice, it's the monthly free games that really get the attention of PlayStation fans. It's always exciting to see what Sony has lined up for fans when a new month rolls around, and a lot of the time, it has some high quality games in store. April 2021's PS Plus games just got leaked in advance, and Sony was kind enough to confirm the leak's accuracy. While Oddworld: Soulstorm is on the way, April has an interesting focus on zombie games. Days Gone is a part of April's PS Plus offerings, as is Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War has been on the market for some time, releasing in early 2020 for consoles and only recently making the jump to PC. The game didn't make a huge splash when it first launched, so its arrival on PS Plus is fantastic for visibility. While the game is available, PS Plus subscribers should consider giving Zombie Army 4 a try. There might be plenty of zombie media out there already, but that doesn't mean Zombie Army 4 can't entertain PlayStation users. Besides, as long as its free, players have nothing to lose on seeing what the game is like.

There's a lot about Zombie Army 4 that's familiar. It's a multiplayer survival-horror shooter in which players can party up to mow down zombie hordes in extravagant fashion. It also takes place in 1946, in an alternate timeline where Hitler and Nazi Germany awakened an undead menace. The narrative of Nazi zombies is plenty familiar to fans of the genre, as it's shown up in several Call of Duty games, among others. That familiarity may disappoint lore-minded players, but it should make any fan of Call of Duty's tradition of zombie game modes feel right at home. For free with PS Plus, these fans can see what unique ideas Zombie Army 4 introduces to a familiar concept.

Right around now is actually a great time for zombie lovers to get back into a co-op zombie survival game. Back 4 Blood, the highly anticipated successor to Turtle Rock's acclaimed Left 4 Dead games, is coming out in June, so PlayStation fans can start dusting off their zombie fighting skills with a bit of Zombie Army 4. There's notable similarities between the two games; Zombie Army 4 even comes with a broad range of zombie types, just like Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood. If there's still a bit of waiting to do before Back 4 Blood is out, there's no harm in a bit of warm-up.

Even though the game has been out for some time, it's not too late for Zombie Army 4 to get new fans. Zombie Army 4 recently ended its second season of updates in spectacular fashion involving a zeppelin. Rebellion Developments, the studio behind Zombie Army 4, has been praised as being passionate about this game and eager to supply the fanbase with more content. That means that anyone who tries the game via PS Plus shouldn't worry about having missed the boat. Zombie Army 4 is alive and well.


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