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Borderlands 3s Multiverse Skins Could Be More Than Just Skins

- By jacobbar1
Publish Date : 2021-02-12 14:00:26
Borderlands 3s Multiverse Skins Could Be More Than Just Skins

Borderlands 3 has announced what its Director’s Cut will include, with the pack bringing a series of murder mystery missions to the game alongside a raid boss and a battle pass-like progression system. This new Borderlands 3 DLC will also be mirroring the Designer’s Cut expansion by providing players with a new set of heads and skins for each Vault Hunter. Functioning as the game’s second Multiverse cosmetic pack, the outfits showcase what the four playable characters would look like if they came from a different universe.

While these Borderlands 3 costumes offer some of the coolest and most unique designs in the game, they also set up some interesting possibilities for future games and expansions. Though this is purely speculation and the Multiverse skins could simply be Gearbox making some special outfits for the Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters, the outfit pack could also be indicative of something more.

If a Borderlands Multiverse is more than must a cool idea for some themed costumes, Gearbox will have limitless ideas for future titles. Much like the Marvel and DC comics Multiverses create worlds of possibilities for the characters fans know and love, a Borderlands Multiverse could do the same — and it is hard not to think about what could come from such an idea.

In Borderlands 3, there is no shortage of cool and silly designs to equip Vault Hunters with. Players can swap Fl4k’s head out with a TV, while Bloody Harvest players can give Zane a wolf head. Every Vault Hunter can wear the head of a horse, making it clear that some cosmetics are simply just for fun. However, what makes these Borderlands Multiverse skin packs so different is the fact that Gearbox has gone out of its way to create backstories for them. Rather than being just another fun or badass costume, each new version of the four main Vault Hunters has an entirely different character arc tied to them.

For example, Multiverse Final Form Fl4k is nothing like the Pack leader and hunter seen in the main story of Borderlands 3. In an alternate universe, Fl4k becomes a historian called the Grand Archivist, protecting a library full of ancient knowledge from those that would attempt to steal its contents. Moze, on the other hand, never leaves the Vladof army — boasting a lengthy career as a soldier that sees her become Commissar Andreyevna. Amara leans into her persona as a vigilante, donning a tiger mask and fully focusing on fighting crime, while Zane uses technology to extend his career as a mercenary and Hitman. If these were just throwaway skins, providing such intriguing backstories for them seems unnecessary, and implies that the Borderlands Multiverse could actually be real.

 These Disciples of the Vault skins, while incredibly cool, also inspire fans to think of several other scenarios regarding previous Borderlands moments. What if Handsome Jack succeeded with his plans and used The Warrior to rebuild Pandora in his image? What if Roland never died, and went on to have a family with Lilith? Tiny Tina could not even be Tiny Tina, as one universe could see her parents never being experimented on and killed by Hyperion in the first place. There are endless ideas that could come from such a Multiverse, and these skins could very well be Gearbox testing the waters for such an idea.






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