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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Glory of the Nathria Raider Guide

Author : Pdina9971678
Publish Date : 2021-05-04 09:47:54
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Glory of the Nathria Raider Guide

After conquering many challenges in the past four months, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands players are expecting new content in the Chains of Domination patch which is currently on the PTR to arrive during summer. Since a likely release date is still several months away, there are plenty of other things to work on including Glory of the Nathria Raider.

Like many raids in the past, Castle Nathria offers a meta achievement to accomplish a different task before defeating each of the bosses. Successfully completing all ten achievements will reward players with the Rampart Screecher, a mount modeled after some of the Stoneborn bats encountered in Revendreth. Since the achievements can be completed on any difficulty except LFR, this guide will focus on tips in normal Castle Nathria.
This achievement requires the group to kill 6 Sneaky Servitors hidden around the encounter area with Shriekwing’s abilities. While they are stealthed, their exact location is pinpointed by little rocks even before the fight starts. Mark all spots with a raid marker and have players targeted by Echolocation move over to one before the timer falls off. If successful, a corpse will appear

Taking Care of Business

Huntsman Altimor’s achievement requires walking Margore, Barghast, and Hecutis to all four corners of the room. This means one tank will need to drag the dogs to each corner and DPS can’t kill them until afterwards. Successfully doing so will cause an emote in the chat and leave a visual indicator on the ground. The raid still needs to deal with each dog's mechanics and adjust accordingly. The tank should keep still until Margore comes back after Vicious Lunge, use mitigation for Barghast to spawn a Rip Soul ghost with higher HP, and move Hecutis several steps at a time to stagger the Crushing Stone AOE damage.

Feed the Beast

During the Hungering Destroyer fight, players must drain the 6 Anima Canisters in the room using Volatile Ejection ability. This is the player-targeted beam which is cast several times a minute. Put markers on the canisters and have those targeted run directly to the nearest one. If successful, the canister will break and red anima will fly out and into the boss. Note that the beam is sometimes inconsistent and may require multiple casts to drain a canister.

I Don't Know What I Expected

For this achievement, one player must summon their Son of Animus pet which drops in Throne of Thunder from the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Four minutes after engaging Lady Inerva Darkvein, the pet will turn into the Dark Animus and must be killed before defeating the boss. Be aware that the Dark Animus has its original mechanics including an AOE interrupt and must be swiftly killed before it wipes the raid.

Burning Bright

Players must light four braziers in each of the room's corners using one of the Shade of Kael'thas' abilities.

    Fiery Strike
    Smoldering Remnants
    Blazing Surge
    Ember Blast
Since the Shade phase happens twice, only light 2 braziers during the first spawn and cleanup any remaining adds from phase 1. Have one tank immediately taunt the Shade and drag it over to the upper left brazier for Fiery Strike. Whichever DPS is fixated by the Reborn Phoenix should kite it over to the lower right brazier so it places a Smoldering Remnants pool right on top.

On the second Shade phase, one tank brings it over to the upper right brazier and keeps it there until it casts Blazing Surge. The rest of the raid should be stacking near the lower right brazier in preparation for Ember Blast: help soak, use immunities, or just sacrifice the targeted player to light the brazier and then finish the fight.

Private Stock

Before the Artificer Xy'mox fight, players must interact with 3 anima orbs outside the encounter room. During each phase, one of the orbs will spawn in the center and must be transported to a nearby deposit circle. However, the player who picked it up will be stunned and require the raid to position Dimensional Tear portals to move them into the required area. Because this overlaps boss mechanics, the group should wait until the ghosts, seeds, and annihilation casts have finished before placing portals for the stunned player.

Alternatively, Mage players can cheese the achievement solo without needing portals. Use Alter Time while in the deposit circle then click the anima orb. The Mage still gets stunned but Alter Time will pull them back into the circle after 10 seconds which satisfies the criteria. Simply rinse and repeat in Phase 2 and 3.

Pour Decision Making

While fighting the Council of Blood, a Belligerent Waiter will appear at one of four locations in the room for 20 seconds. Players can right click them and this must be done four times before the encounter ends. Assign one person to deal with waiters rather than fighting the bosses. Note that the waiters can spawn during the dance intermission phase so the closest player should sacrifice their haste buff if this overlap occurs.

Dirtflap's Revenge

Once Sludgefist is unlocked, Dirtflap will spawn in the corridor on the right-hand side. Talking to this World of Warcraft NPC will cause it to perch on the 4 pillars that must be destroyed by Sludgefist's charge during the fight in a random order. There is no set pattern that Dirtflap follows so tanks should stay aware and reposition Sludgefist appropriately.


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