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Days Gone 2 Petition Hits Massive Milestone

- By moterlies
Publish Date : 2021-05-07 11:28:33
Days Gone 2 Petition Hits Massive Milestone

Online petitions have almost become the go-to method for the wider community to voice its concerns about key issues, and video games are no exception. Given that Sony rejected a sequel to the survival action game Days Gone, fans wanted to make their protestations heard so they began a petition recently which reached 80,000 signatures in a short space of time. Now it looks as though another milestone has been reached.

According to Change.org, the number of fans who have signed the petition has now surpassed 100,000 and, at the time of this article going live, is still climbing. As more and more people begin to add their name to it, it becomes arguably quite clear that the community thinks Sony's rejection of a potential Days Gone sequel is unwarranted. The message on the petition itself states that fans are keen to see the story progress further, that millions are crying out for Days Gone 2, and that Sony should not "pull the plug on such an amazing game."

Developed by Bend Studio, Days Gone received mixed scores and reviews upon release, but still managed to be the best-selling physical game in the UK when it was originally launched in 2019. Even with it winning a number of awards, including Best Visual Design and Best Music/Sound Design, Sony decided not to go ahead with a sequel citing the mixed review scores as one of the reasons. One other reason may be down to development issues, though it may also be due to the fact that Sony are looking to maintain its reputation as a publisher that focuses almost entirely on AAA games that are guaranteed money-spinners.

A second Days Gone game is arguably justified, especially given that the protagonist Deacon St. John was considered quite dark for some fans and a sequel could help redeem him. The general consensus behind this petition suggests that there is so much more to explore both in terms of the story and Deacon's character arc. If nothing else, a sequel could make Deacon a more likable, or at least more popular, hero.

Whether Sony finally yields and decides there is still potential in the game is difficult to say. There is no official word from the company about whether it'll do a 180 on the issue. While Days Gone fell a little short of expectations, the fact that more than 100,000 people are vying for a sequel is something the publishing giant may have a hard time ignoring.

There are over one hundred missions to complete in the open-world action-adventure Days Gone. Each mission, including side missions, will help to progress the 15 main storylines. Recently added to PS+ and with a new release for PC, Days Gone has been given a second lease of life since its 2019 release. Set in post-apocalyptic Oregon two years after a global outbreak, players continue to be enthralled by its atmospheric, hostile, and expansive world. Days Gone features countless areas to explore, many missions to fulfill, and endless waves of zombies to clear. It offers a staggering amount of potential play time.


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