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Why a NFL Linebacker is Opening a Collectible Cards Shop

Author : greelyyy
Publish Date : 2021-02-23 13:51:24
Why a NFL Linebacker is Opening a Collectible Cards Shop

Opening a new business is always risky. Opening a business during a pandemic, while also managing a career as a star NFL player and Magic influencer definitely seems like it would take that challenge to the next level. With the support of his lifelong friend and business partner, that's exactly what Pittsburgh Steeler Cassius Marsh is doing when he opens the doors to Cash Cards Unlimited at the end of this week.

Marsh has been a fan of collectible card games since his childhood and has dozens of Magic: The Gathering Commander decks ready to brawl whenever he has the time to relax and play a few matches with friends. Although the NFL season will keep him in Pittsburgh when the late summer rolls around again, he's currently back in his hometown of Westlake Village, California making the final touches on Cash Cards Unlimited before the public opening on February 26. Game Rant recently had a chance to sit down with Cassius Marsh and talk about his enthusiasm for collectible card games and his new business venture with his friend and business partner Nick Nugwynne.

Marsh and Nugwynne have put together a shop full of incredibly rare cards and are aiming to provide a luxury level experience that helps card players feel safe. They also want customers to feel like part of a special community when they enter Cash Cards Unlimited to shop around (or eventually play in some events when it's safe to do so). The store stocks everything from everything from Pokemon TCG to sports cards and obviously Magic.

When Game Rant spoke with Marsh over the weekend, he explained why this project is so important to him and why he feels confident now is the right time to make this play, despite any added challenges the pandemic may be causing.

Marsh also went on to explain why he's so comfortable stepping away from his new store when the season rolls around and how it will get by without him...

Fans of Marsh and collectible card games who aren't in California can follow along with what his happening at the store by keeping an eye on Marsh's social media accounts or watching the live breaks on the store's instagram account.

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