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Warframe Previews Content Coming Spring 2021

- By mablerome
Publish Date : 2021-02-15 10:33:25
Warframe Previews Content Coming Spring 2021

Since its initial release in March 2013, Warframe has delivered consistent updates and built a fanbase totaling over 50 million, and the popular multiplayer shooter isn't showing any signs of slowing down. In a video released on YouTube a few days ago, Warframe announced a plethora of new content is coming in spring 2021.

It seems developer Digital Extremes has been busy, as the most recent Warframe update came earlier this month, bringing with it new rewards and challenges. In a new teaser video featuring Warframe's Senior Community Manager Megan Everett, even more additional content is promised, including new missions and Octavia Prime being added to Prime Access.

The new missions will take place in the Corpus-controlled Proxima Regions and include brand new Railjack content, and the Octavia Prime Access will allow players instant access to the character's Prime equipment and gear without waiting on build times. New events and rewards are also coming, which is good news for fans who were worried things might change when Warframe was acquired by Tencent late last year. Instead, with new content continuing to come out in a steady stream, it seems things are business as usual at Warframe headquarters.

As for the new events in Warframe, The Star Days event is currently running and will go until February 24, while the Lunar Renewal event will begin on February 16 and run until March 5. Both events bring several rewards with them. Warframe is already considered one of the best free-to-play open world games around; the teased spring 2021 content simply gives fans one more reason to pick-up and play the action-packed game.

Being a deadly space ninja with the allegiance of a rattlesnake sounds like a lucrative job but the reality in Warframe is that most players don't get rich in Platinum by doing some default Tenno stuff. In order to make Platinum in the least grindiest way possible, you often have to channel your inner Nef Anyo which is the resident Rockefeller of Warframe. That means being a heartless businessman sometimes.

Suffice to say, there are many methods in making Platinum, which is the premium currency of Warframe. The easiest and most available ones require you to play the game to exhaustion while the riskiest can make you feel like some shady stockbroker or scalper. However, in the name of fashion-framing and min-maxing, all methods are valid for any prophet of profit.

Each new update in Warframe that adds weapons and mods is a great opportunity for anyone to make some Platinum. The latest rare or uncommon mods, in particular, tend to have bloated prices in the first few weeks of their introduction due to low supply and high demand.

That's why having a Nekros warframe to farm these mods easily is a huge benefit. Do a bit of research whenever a new rare/uncommon mod gets introduced as to which enemies drop them and keep killing them until you get the mod. You can get by using any other warframe and try your luck with said mods but the chances are too low without assistance from Nekros.


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