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Valheim Glitch Makes Trolls Even More Terrifying

Author : lanealdan
Publish Date : 2021-03-16 13:24:56
Valheim Glitch Makes Trolls Even More Terrifying

From Stardew Valley to Among Us, indie games have the ability to pop out of no where to become a smash hit thanks to sites like Twitch. 2021 continues that trend with Valheim, a sandbox survival game that lets players be Vikings inside the afterlife. While the game launched into Early access on Steam back in early February, the title has become a viral sensation and selling over 5 million copies in about a months time.

For the five person team of Iron Gate Studio, Valheim's initial success seemingly surprised the team who now work to not only continue improving the experience but fleshing it out with more content. Part of that includes a roadmap which includes three content expansions coming throughout 2021 as well as miscellaneous updates that the team has planned "if Odin wills it." In addition to new content, Iron Gate will continue to provide much needed updates, smoothing out troublesome areas.

Naturally, for such a small team maintaining a large world, it's not a perfect experience as players may occasionally run into weird bugs and glitches. Over on the Valheim subReddit, one user known as Leathermattress ran into one glitch that made the game's already huge troll monstrosities even more terrifying. While running through the Black Forest, the troll chasing the player seemingly runs in front of the camera, clipping through so that the camera was briefly inside of the huge beast.

What occurs is the horrifying image of the inside of the troll face passing by the screen with an expression that makes it look like it's screaming. With the strange looking eyes and stretched out features, it no doubt came as a shock to the original poster. Comments echoed a similar sentiment with many utilizing Valheim themed memes like Discomfort 6 or that they no longer feel rested. Others relayed their own close calls with Trolls like one individual who named one that was seemingly trapped in the water, Bart. As these things go, Bart eventually escaped and surprised the player before launching them through the air.

In addition to strange glitches, players have seemingly discovered a potential Easter egg in game. A unique event seemingly happens at random during a thunderstorm with lightning following what appears to be a person flying through the skies. Considering Valheim is a game dealing with Norse mythology and Vikings, players have begun to assume this character is none other than Thor, the God of Thunder. Other players have noticed a cloaked individual appearing randomly at night, with most linking this event to the All-Father, Odin.

Valheim is a refreshing new approach to the survival genre. The game provides endless ways to customize and decorate buildings, and the controls are surprisingly intuitive. Coffee Stain Studios have produced a much needed bright spot in the gaming community.

One of the first steps in every survival game is creating a structure for storage and safety. Gamers new to Valheim will want to plan for their first building as soon as they spawn in. This article will cover how to build a home in Valheim, as well as some beginner mistakes to avoid.


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