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Razer Reveals Ultra-Light Orochi V2 Gaming Mouse

- By Shannanlanden043
Publish Date : 2021-04-27 21:02:02
Razer Reveals Ultra-Light Orochi V2 Gaming Mouse

Razer has begun to reveal details about its latest accessory, the Orochi V2 mouse. The new Orochi V2 is one of Razer's most compact mice to date, and comes with premium features as the peripheral company continues its trend of steadily releasing updated versions of its products. Last month, Razer announced its first-ever DevCon event, which will showcase the company's latest technologies and products, and how game developers can integrate their work with them.

The new Razer Orochi V2 is described as a compact, ultra-lightweight wireless gaming mouse. Weighing in at less than 60 grams, the mouse boasts over 900 hours of use from a single AA or AAA battery. The Orochi V2's design also makes use of its diminutive stature.
The mouse features a portably compact symmetrical design, meant to allow for multiple grip styles, in addition to a thumb-groove contour and optimized side buttons for easy access, according to a press release. On the internal side of things, the Orochi V2 features the company's Mechanical Mouse Switches, which have gold-plated contact points that have a lifespan reportedly up to 60 million clicks. The product also features an advanced 5G optical sensor, ensuring precise movement accuracy.
Razer's new Orochi V2 gaming mouse sells for $69.99, making it a less expensive option than the recently released Razer Naga X MMO mouse, although they serve different purposes. The Orochi V2 is available in either black or white, although gamers can customize their mouse via Razer Customs. The feature allows buyers to choose from over 100 different designs for an additional $20, and can include multiple designs, colors, or even game-specific prints.
Razer has also made substantial efforts in helping the environment. The company is selling various "Sneki Snek" plushes based on its mascot to aid in forest conservation efforts. Additionally, the company announced its plans to become completely carbon neutral by 2030. It's also promising the entire product line will be recyclable by 2030, including disposing of and recycling old products. This will be achieved through biodegradable packaging, along with free-of-charge recycling at any of Razer's retail stores.

The Orochi V2 adds yet another option to Razer's sizable line of products. The mouse's compact design should make it an ideal accessory to gamers who work or play off of laptops, or who just prefer a smaller controller interface. Although not all gamers are in the market for a new mouse, pretty much any fan of the company will want to keep an eye out for Project Hazel, as Razer's high-tech RGB face mask is now set to go into production.
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