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Valentines day gifts

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Publish Date : 2021-04-27 05:38:21
Valentines day gifts

Valentine's Day or Valentine's Day for some is just another cunning marketing ploy while others like to celebrate it by going out for a romantic dinner or a gift that your sweetheart has been imagining for some time, such as timeless jewelry that is always 'in'.

Of course, you’ll never ‘mess around’ with classics like perfume or cosmetics either, and if you don’t know what he likes, just ‘sketch’ on the shelf in the bathroom and you’ve solved the problem.
If you would like to surprise a person on Valentine's Day with a nice surprise, and you have no idea yet, here are some fantastic 'last minute' suggestions that will surely bring a smile to the face of your loved one.

Homemade dinner

Make your loved one happy with a favorite dish or cake that you made yourself. Even if you are not a top chef or very skilled in the kitchen, we believe that your sweetheart will appreciate your efforts. Don’t forget the details important to create a special atmosphere like candles, flowers, and occasional heart-shaped decorations.

Wellness gift certificate

We think that such a gift would delight everyone! For example, why not give your loved one a wellness visit for a massage they have been talking about for a while, or better yet: go together to relax from everyday stress.

Of course, we all like to relax with our favorite movies in the comfort of our own home, but if your loved one is an avid movie buff, surprise him/her by going to the cinema and having a drink. We think there is no better way to take a break and relax in the company of a loved one.

An evening with movies and series in your own home

Your loved one will be delighted if you organize a Valentine's Day celebration in your home instead of going to the cinema or a romantic concert. Pick box NOW invites everyone who likes to relax with good movies and series - spend Valentine's Day with the first Croatian streaming service where you will find more than 20 romantic movies, but also a handful of Hollywood, Scandinavian and British series. Stock up on snacks and enjoy Valentine’s Day.


Why not give your loved one Connected Underwear lingerie? Connected underwear contains two pieces of underwear for both partners, two LoveChips and instructions, packed in a reusable cotton bag. LoveChips connect to the Connected Underwear mobile app.

Warm blanket

Giving a blanket is a feeling of warmth, tenderness, and respect, from the one who gives it to the one who receives the gift. Under the blanket, you can also watch your favorite movies and series together.

Pendants for couples

They fit perfectly and are complete only when they are together, just like you and your loved one. Everyone needs keychains for car or apartment keys, a useful little thing that means a lot even when it has the symbolism of love, it's a real hit!

Cooling drink bag

Something you need for a picnic or trip together, and never remember to buy it! Ideal for short trips and excursions, socializing in nature, a refrigerated mobile mini fridge is a useful thing for food and drink.

Personalized T-shirts for couples

Show unity and intimacy as a couple, wherever you go together. There are so many interesting illustrations and designs that speak on the theme of love, make yourself t-shirts with a print that is authentic only for the two of you!

An unusual lamp

Sometimes the simplest thing leaves the biggest impression. The lamp is one of the best gifts that you can give to someone to decorate your home. Functional, practical, and if you choose carefully, it can improve and change the look of any room! The lamp is a symbol of warmth and light, as well as times and change. It will surely make a loved one happy.

How is Valentine’s Day celebrated around the world?
The most recognizable symbol of Valentine's Day is certainly Cupid armed with a bow and arrow. It is believed that those whom Cupid hits with his arrow will fall in love instantly. Valentine's Day traditions vary from country to country and today we bring you some that we especially liked.

A brief history of Valentine's Day
This holiday of love is named in honor of the early Christian saint Valentine who lived in the 3rd century BC. The most popular story about St. Valentine is the one in which he is a priest who secretly marries Roman soldiers with their chosen ones.

Namely, during the reign of the Roman emperor Claudius, a decree was issued according to which every Roman soldier was forbidden to marry, which was considered to have a bad effect on combativeness. Although all the soldiers and the clergy had to obey the provision, Valentin rebelled and began secretly marrying young couples, risking imprisonment or death. It is the public execution, 14.2. ended Valentine's life.

Singapore and oranges
According to the Chinese calendar, Valentine's Day falls on the 15th day of the New Year which is reserved for the lantern festival. Yet over the years, amorous individuals from Singapore and Malaysia have developed their own traditions associated with oranges. Single women used to write their numbers on oranges which they then threw into rivers and lakes from which they were later taken out by single men.

Japan and huge amounts of chocolate
In Japan, the situation is a bit reversed and their women mostly give chocolate to their better halves and male colleagues and bosses. Single girls give chocolate to guys they like. Exactly one month later, on March 14, the men return the favor and give the chocolate to the women.

Finland and Friendship Day
In Finland, Valentine’s Day is traditionally associated with friendship so Finns usually make creative greeting cards and small gifts which they then give away to partners, friends, and family. The sender is always anonymous which means that loved ones have to guess who remembered them for Valentine’s Day.

Italy and letters to Julia
Verona is the real epicenter of events for Valentine's Day. Love letters in Italy are thus sent not only to loved ones but also to Julia. The letters sent to Julia are later read by young people who also award the best letters.

Valentine's Day in France lasts 3 days
When it comes to Valentine's Day, French couples in love traditionally head to the province of Indra. In France, namely, there is a tradition of renewing vows in a small village with only 285 inhabitants. For this reason, the celebration of Valentine's Day in France lasts 3 days or longer than anywhere else in the world.

Denmark and humorous love songs
Danes send humorous love songs to their loved ones for Valentine's Day. The sender’s name is usually hidden in the verses themselves, and the lucky one who gets the song has time until Easter to reveal the sender’s identity. If she succeeds in this plan then the sender is obliged to give her an egg for Easter. If he fails, then the sender announces his name himself, and in that case, the girl is obliged to give him an Easter egg.

Philippines and mass weddings
The Philippines has a tradition of organizing mass weddings for Valentine’s Day. On average, approximately 4,000 couples get married on Valentine's Day each year, and this number is always slightly higher from year to year.

Germany and congratulations with pigs
When it comes to Valentine's Day, Germans celebrate it quite commonly. The only exception is the gift of greeting cards with pictures of little pigs that symbolize happiness and passion.

Slovenia and bird-shaped cookies
In Slovenia, there was once a tradition of celebrating love 12.2. in honor of St. Gregory. Today, this tradition is somewhat forgotten, but there are still individuals who give each other cookies in the shape of birds on Valentine's Day and in this way keep this tradition alive.

Great Britain and child gifting
Jack Valentine once lived in Norfolk, UK. Mr. Valentine gave the children presents and cakes and was very reminiscent of Santa Claus even though he did not go down the chimneys. The origins of this tradition are a great unknown, but many parents still cherish the custom of gifting their children for Valentine’s Day.

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