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Last Oasis Is Out Now on Xbox

Author : sumharley
Publish Date : 2021-03-27 07:16:57
Last Oasis Is Out Now on Xbox

Last Oasis has arrived on Xbox. The survival MMO is entering into Season 3, and the game is now available outside of just Steam/PC, as Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players can now enjoy the scavenging mobile base-building adventure game.

Donkey Crew's Last Oasis is a unique survival game in that players create gigantic walkers to escape the scorching sun of a post-apocalyptic desert. The PC version of the game has been enjoyed thus far, but Season 2 of Last Oasis came with an Xbox announcement as well, and now the day has come for owners of that platform to appreciate the experience.

A brand new trailer has dropped for Last Oasis announcing the Xbox release of the game. The two-minute trailer showcases the game's visuals, the walkers, monstrous creatures, combat, gameplay, and more. The aesthetics and music alone of the trailer are likely enough to catch some eyes, and the Season 3 content will be enticing for Steam/PC users of old and new and interested Xbox players. The game also comes with crossplay functionality between PC and Xbox.

Last Oasis is releasing as a part of Xbox's Game Preview program, much like Obsidian Entertainment's Grounded or Crytek's Hunt: Showdown before it fully launched. The Game Preview program--much like Steam Early Access--allows the developer to release a game in an incomplete state. This allows fans to enjoy a game earlier than anticipated while also beta testing it, communicate with developers on bugs, quality of life improvements, and more, and allows the developers to cultivate a community. Last Oasis certainly has the opportunity to build up a fanbase on Xbox through the Game Preview program.

When defining the different eras of video games, traditionally the community follows the standard of "console generations." Although the standard has some flexibility, this measure has worked to help define evolutions in technology. The console generations span as far back as the original home Pong systems and up to the recent PS5 and Xbox Series X. Consoles are important in helping to mark the development of gaming and when the community can evaluate a "peak" in quality.

While development time increases have certainly reduced the number of "masterpiece" games on recent consoles, there are still plenty of incredible titles. Metacritic documents the best-reviewed games of all time since the site's inception, based on titles with more than seven critic reviews. Which consoles have the most games in Metacritic's top 200 list?

While it floundered in sales compared to the disc-based PlayStation, Nintendo 64 owners had no shortage of great games. It'd be more accurate to say that N64 owners just had a shortage of games in general. That, and one of the most bizarre controllers constructed for human hands.

The N64, despite its legacy as an underperforming console, may be home to some of the most revolutionary games of the era. Goldeneye 64 and Perfect Dark paved the way for first-person shooters on console. Super Mario 64 ironed out the best way to navigate a 3D space in the early days of 3D gaming. The console is also home to the best game on Metacritic's top 200: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The console may not have been the most successful, but its games left a grand legacy.


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