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Ubisoft Releases For Honor: Asunder Story Trailer

Author : iceranch
Publish Date : 2021-03-05 10:13:20
Ubisoft Releases For Honor: Asunder Story Trailer

At its core, Ubisoft's For Honor is primarily a multiplayer title about factions of Knights, Vikings, Samurai, and Wu Lin battling for supremacy in physical combat. However, the ongoing title has also developed an extensive mythology during its four-year run, and its developers announced the first season of year five, "Asunder," will center around conflicts between the Order of Horkos and Chimera Alliance.

For Honor's Asunder season was announced during a live Warrior's Den livestream on Twitch today, and is set to begin on March 11, 2021. A minute-long story trailer released alongside this event that shows panoramic stills of various warriors in combat as voiceover comments on peace being interrupted by a newly sparked rebellion.

Year four saw the introduction of For Honor's Warmonger character type in August 2020, which helped the cultish Order of Horkos take over the game's region of Heathmoor following a long-standing peace, according to its fandom wiki. The fourth season of year four, "Mayhem," introduced Gryphon as a leader of the Chimera Alliance that opposes Horkos' rule, and it appears Ubisoft will be letting that conflict come to a head with Asunder.

On top of this story trailer, For Honor released a roadmap for March 2021 that outlines the launch of Asunder alongside a new Battle Pass, the Horkos Masquerade Limited-Time Event, a free event pass, and more. Extra content will be added on March 18 and March 25, but details are currently vague.

It's good to see Ubisoft continue adding new content so the game stays fresh for fans, and its success since 2017 has led to numerous crossovers. For Honor recently added Shovel Knight content, though the event is set to end today. Previously, it has also featured content from other Ubisoft titles like Assassin's Creed, and the SNK game Samurai Shodown also features a DLC character from For Honor.

During the New Game Plus Expo, SNK announced that the new DLC character for Samurai Shodown hails from Ubisoft's For Honor and showed a trailer for the fighter. The Warden is the final character that will complete the season two fighter pass and will be available in the game starting on June 24.

Samurai Shodown is an arcade style fighting series that is set during 18th-century Japan. Since 1993, SNK has shown fans pieces of Japanese culture through the fighting character's interactions in this game series. Even though the game faced controversy at the release of the recent DLC fighter Iroha, SNK is trying to move on from that as they introduce the newest fighter to Samurai Shodown.

The Warden is a Vanguard hero from Ubisoft's multiplayer For Honor title, creating a crossover for the two games. This inclusion came as a surprise to many fans. Even though the character was shrouded in mystery, SNK didn't let on that it would be bringing in the armored fighter as the next DLC. For Honor has developed into a mainstream team fighting game, so there are a lot of fans who may be drawn to Samurai Shodown now that the Warden has been integrated into the Japanese game's content.


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