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The PSP is 16 Years Old Today

Author : perspuke
Publish Date : 2021-03-25 12:55:25
The PSP is 16 Years Old Today

Every now and again, a console comes along that shows how much is possible. That sense of discovery is more pronounced where handhelds are concerned, especially when they're able to offer console-quality experiences on the go. Of the many notable handhelds out in the wild, the PlayStation Portable still holds a special place in many hearts, and it's celebrating a pretty significant birthday today.

Originally released on March 24, 2005, today is the 16th anniversary of the PSP, the Sony console that helped pave the way for other handheld systems. It was the first in the line of Sony's handheld consoles, which would go on to include several other systems, like the PSP GO. It also helped make a foothold for the ill-fated PlayStation Vita, Sony's last handheld console.

Fans have, of course, taken to Twitter to send out appreciation tweets for the console's anniversary. The official account for The Game Awards asked fans what their favorite game on the system was, with a wide variety of titles making appearances in the replies. One of the most consistent answers is God of War: Chains of Olympus, but handheld versions of many other iconic franchises have also been making an appearance.

Elsewhere, fans have been heaping general praise on the PSP, many citing it as one of the best handheld consoles available to date. The PlayStation 3 didn't launch for more than a year after the PSP did, so the console fell into a bit of a strange, transitory window. Still, with how many people appear to remember it fondly, it's no small wonder the PlayStation brand has maintained its relevance, even if its successors didn't have quite the same impact.

The console went on to sell 80 million units globally, which is no small sum. The PlayStation family of consoles is the best selling of all time, and the PSP made a big contribution to that. The impact that the system has had is even strange in some ways, as the console used specialized UMD discs to play games and movies, which some fans don't remember very fondly due to their awkward size. Still, the lasting impact of the PSP can't be denied.

Unfortunately, the PSP, PS3, and PS Vita stores will reportedly be shut down soon, which would erase a significant portion of the games available on the system. Sony hasn't confirmed anything yet, but it would be an unfortunate set of circumstances for those holding onto the system. Here's hoping that the library is able to be preserved.

Nintendo has been steadily dominating the handheld video game market, but that doesn't mean that Sony and Sega both didn't make a go in the field. Sony's PSP may not have been as popular as its follow-up, the Vita, which also struggled. However, the PSP still had a devout audience and it did some impressive things for a handheld.

However, most of the gems that were released on the PSP are easy to overlook or were trapped in obscurity. Those that gave the handheld a proper chance were pleasantly surprised and there are plenty of games that pushed the hardware to its limit and still hold up today.


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