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The Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the World

Author : oliviasophie
Publish Date : 2021-05-12 11:02:18
 The Most Visited Tourist Attractions in the World

Trends change from year to year; it all depends on many factors such as temperatures, the economic and financial situation, the political situation. If you plan to go for a vacation with your loved ones but are still confused about where to go, you have reached the right place. Here is the list of the states most visited and appreciated by tourists around the globe. Also, you may save some extra bucks by making your flight bookings using Spirit Airlines reservations options. 


The fascinating French culture, gastronomic knowledge, and monuments represent an essential slice of what travelers love about France. Placed at the top of the list, France receives around 86 million tourists annually.

The vast majority of these go to the transalpine country to visit Paris, the city of love. Many other cities are capable of offering unforgettable scenarios to anyone who decides to venture there: among the many, we remember Marseille, Lyon, Cannes, and Strasbourg.


With 81 million annual visitors, it ranks second as the most visited area. Spain is very cheap for travelers and offers many opportunities, among the most important cities are: Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Toledo, and Malaga.

The Iberian country is trendy throughout the summer, an inestimable number of travelers reach its maritime places to enjoy the beaches and the wonders it offers.


The United States has a vast territory that allows it to reach the very high threshold of 76 million tourists per year. The fifty states that make up the USA are entirely different places from each other.

Among the most visited places in the United States, we remember New York, the capital of Washington, the always warm and sunny Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, also seen as the place of perdition.


Having placed in provisional fourth place with about 60 million tourists a year, China is experiencing a very particular situation. The Coronavirus has reduced the number of tourists who want to visit it to a minimum.

Among the most important cities of the entire Chinese territory, we remember the capital Beijing, the state of Hong Kong, considered the London of Asia, and Shanghai, known for being the largest city in China. One of the must-haves for those visiting the country is undoubtedly the Chinese Wall, one of the world's eight wonders.


With around 58 million annual visitors, Italy is entirely on the list of the world's most visited places. Art, cuisine, and culture mix to offer tourists an unforgettable experience.

Among important cities, we remember Rome, Milan, representing the fulcrum of national finance and beyond, and Turin, Italy's historic first capital.


It is a "crazy" country, with millions of bicycles and mopeds whizzing from side to side, the most bizarre foods, and skyscrapers built next to the pagodas. It is also worth a visit to the white beaches and their history.


Imagine yourself immersed in surreal, brilliant, warm, clear, and crystalline thermal waters, positioned on the slopes of a white hill, with the void in front of you admiring the majestic valley. Indeed a spectacular sight. The geological phenomenon of Pamukkale, literally "Cotton Castle" in Turkish, is something magnificent. Furthermore, the place is close to the equally extraordinary remains of the Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis. With such a unique combination of natural and human-made wonders, it's no wonder the site's presence in the rankings.


Suppose there is one place in Greece that you absolutely must visit besides the quiet and wild beaches, Meteora. Above the city of Kalambaka, on the northwestern side of the plain of Thessaly, gigantic rock formations rise towards the sky, reaching almost 400 meters in height. Above them, just like in a fantastic Hollywood movie, a series of monasteries have remained in balance for centuries wrapped in clouds. Meteora is "the city in the sky," a dreamlike place capable of making you feel like a god of Olympus. 

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