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Tell Me Why Chapter 1 is Now Free and Worth Picking Up

- By mikbiker
Publish Date : 2021-03-10 11:44:10
Tell Me Why Chapter 1 is Now Free and Worth Picking Up

Following the same path of other DONTNOD titles such as the Life is Strange series, Tell Me Why's first chapter is now free on all platforms that the game is available on.

Tell Me Why released last year to positive acclaim, solidifying DONTNOD's formula of heartfelt point-and-click adventures. With Tell Me Why, the French developer continued to push representation in gaming both in LGBTQIA+ communities and against mental health stigmas. It won a couple of awards, including one for Game for Impact at The Game Awards 2020, and many also regarded its Alaskan scenery. Like most DONTNOD games, Tell Me Why released episodically, this time in three parts, and the first chapter is now free on PC and Xbox One.

In Tell Me Why, players assume the roles of both Tyler and Allison, twins who are revisiting and confronting their past. They have twin telepathy, fully able to communicate via only their minds, and can even view memories together. However, their memories don't always align, and sometimes the player will need to choose between stark differences in order to progress in true DONTNOD fashion. Many DONTNOD fans even believe Tell Me Why to be in the same universe as Life is Strange, and consider it another installment in that series.

Tyler is returning home to Delos Crossing, Alaska after being apart from Allison for 10 years. He had gone away as a kid for confessing to their mother's murder, an act of self-defense after she had lashed out seemingly at Tyler's transition. At least, that's what the twins believed for the last 10 years.

Now, Tyler has fully accepted himself and comfortably lives as a trans man while his sister struggles with her mental health due to a lack of therapy and proper guidance relating to the incident. Throughout the game, players will uncover the truth behind what led to their mother's death and the identity of their elusive father in Tell Me Why.

Some previously criticized Tell Me Why for its somewhat expensive price tag, $29.99 at launch, when considering the tale can be completed in around 10 hours. However, with the first chapter now free on PC and Xbox One, players can try out the first third of the game before deciding whether or not to buy.

While DONTNOD's most recent release Twin Mirror turned out to be something of a disappointment to many, Tell Me Why highlights what the developer is known for: relatable content for younger generations with mystery and a slight supernatural twist.

Dontnod's Life is Strange series is one of the most beloved franchises to come out of the last generation of gaming. After the success of the first two titles, as well as Deck Nine's prequel series Life is Strange: Before the Storm, it's no surprise that Square Enix wants to continue the success of both titles with another entry, which is rumored to be coming this year, as well as a Nintendo Switch port of the original game.


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