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NieR Replicant Cafe Opening For Limited Time

Author : charlieveg
Publish Date : 2021-04-20 08:15:16
NieR Replicant Cafe Opening For Limited Time

Nier Replicant is just days from release, and fans all over the world are eager to dive back into the cult classic title. Nier Replicant went gold earlier this month, making the anticipation for the game's release just that much more tantalizing for fans of the series.

Now, in celebration of the game's release date just a few days away, Square Enix is opening special Nier Replicant-themed cafes in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. These Nier Replicant cafes will only be open to the public for a limited time, and will serve a variety of food and drink acting as references to the Nier universe and to the events of Nier Replicant itself.

According to Square Enix's Japanese webpage, the cafe will be taking over the SQEX Cafe locations and will run from April 24 to June 4, 2021. The cafe will serve customers a special menu with different meals and drinks, and will also act as an merchandise store where fans can purchase exclusive items surrounding Nier Replicant. Limited time cafes based on video games are quite popular in Japan, such as the recent opening of the Monster Hunter Rise-themed cafe by Capcom. Usually, companies go all out in regards to the food and drink menus served to customers, in terms of presentation and references to the property the cafe is based on.

The Nier Replicant cafe will serve items such as the Northern Plains Grilled Mutton, Kaine's Bandages Omurice, Emil's Bullet Hell Pancake, and Weiss and Noir Mille crepe. Any fan of Nier Replicant or the Nier series in general will recognize those items and the places and characters they're referencing. The Omurice and Pancake dish reference two of the companion characters in Nier Replicant, while the Norther Plains references the iconic, vast open field that players visit over the course of the game.

The drink menu is also full of references, such as Emil's Violet Drink, Boy's Gray Soda, and Fyra's Lemon Flower. Interestingly, the menu does offer one alcoholic drink in the form of the Black Lemon Sour of Youth, which will naturally only be served to those who are over 19 years old. It's not uncommon for these themed cafes to serve some adult beverages, but more often than not the majority of the menu will cater to as many people as possible. For instance, the Japanese Pokemon cafe based on the Hoenn region kept its menu themed around lattes, considering Pokemon is a series meant for all ages.

However, the same can't be said for Nier Replicant. The game certainly tackles some dark and heavy subject matter, which is one of the many reasons fans of the series adore the game. Interested readers looking for a bit more information on Nier Replicant can check out the recent trailer Square Enix released which details extra dungeons, new episodes and more coming with the remaster. Though this Nier Replicant cafe is limited to Japan, hopefully those Western fans maintain their excitement for this long-awaited title all the same.

The first quarter of 2021 is coming to a close, and traditionally, it's one of the slowest times for new video game releases. New game releases should start heating up over the next few months before slowing down again in the summertime, and it looks like April is getting the second quarter started off with a bang.

April 2021 will consist of a variety of major new video game releases, including Outriders from People Can Fly, New Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo Switch, and the PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal. There should be something to look forward to for players on all consoles, and it will definitely be interesting to see which game comes out of April as the most popular new release of the month.


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