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Street Fighter 5 Reveals Roses Release Date Alongside New Gameplay

Author : friedcake
Publish Date : 2021-04-07 11:39:05
Street Fighter 5 Reveals Roses Release Date Alongside New Gameplay

Following the release of Dan, Capcom is pushing ahead with the current season and giving fans another good look at upcoming content for Street Fighter 5. Capcom's Spring Update broadcast for Street Fighter 5 offered several planned updates for Season 5, including more information involving the two upcoming fighters, Rose and Oro. Both fighters are returning characters from previous titles, the former from Street Fighter 4 and the latter only appearing in Street Fighter 3.

Of the two fighters, Rose was the one who was the most focused as her character release date is two weeks from now, on April 19th. Appearing in the majority of Street Fighter 4 amidst the conflict between Bison and herself, she serves a mentor role to Menat in Street Fighter 5. In February, prior to the release of Season 5 and Dan, Capcom briefly touched upon Rose, showing many of her techniques that were first seen in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Street Fighter 4.

Oro was a character who appeared in the Street Fighter 3 games as a hermit fighter with extraordinary power. His power is so legendary that he only uses one arm to fight, for using both arms is enough to murder his opponent. He made his first appearance in Street Fighter 5 as a cameo character in Dhalsim's story, long before he would assist in Ryu's training in Street Fighter 3.

Oro's signature one-armed fighting style is replicated in Street Fighter 5, holding a pet turtle in one hand instead of covering his second hand in a sash as in Street Fighter 3. Several exclusive mechanics to SF3, including the leaping overhead attack, is given to Oro as a unique attack. His trademark double jump also returns while he is given a new special move in the form of an axe kick.

His V-Skill and both V-Triggers are based on his three Super Arts from Street Fighter 3, starting with his V-Skill which causes a long-lasting orb to appear, absorbing projectiles. His V-Trigger 1 allows him to grab his opponents on the ground and in the air for massive damage, while his V-Trigger 2 summons items to fight alongside him which can be useful in combos.

Three new "Professional" costumes were announced for Vega, Seth, and Juri, each dressed like a detective, a businessman, and a nurse respectively. There are several clothing collaborations between Street Fighter and musicians, including Zedd and Steve Aoki. Surprisingly, the Spring Update also gave fans a sneak preview of Akira Kazama from Rival Schools as well.

The Spring Update also announced a new Capcom Pro Tour, giving competitive Street Fighter 5 players a chance to, once again, show their skills in over 32 events across the world. As the Capcom Cup Finals were online only due to COVID-19, it is unknown if the events for this year's Capcom Pro Tour will also be online exclusive.

Fighting games aren't really known for their fantastic storylines or great plot writing. Instead, fighting games focus on their characters, making them interesting to learn about and fun to play at the same time. It's difficult to intertwine a personality with a fighting style that players can relate to but Street Fighter does it better than most.


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