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Sony Reveals New VR Controllers for PlayStation 5

Author : jerridrin
Publish Date : 2021-03-19 12:32:16
Sony Reveals New VR Controllers for PlayStation 5

The PlayStation VR headset for PS4 is one of the most successful virtual reality devices made to date. It has an impressive and growing library of high-quality VR experiences, and its relatively low cost of entry has seen it become one of the most widely-adopted VR headsets in the world. Considering the success Sony has found with PlayStation VR, it's no surprise that the company is looking to continue that success with a new PlayStation VR headset for PS5, and while the headset itself has yet to be revealed, Sony has pulled the curtain back on the new controllers.

Instead of using the PlayStation Move motion controllers like the original PlayStation VR, the next-gen VR for PS5 will feature brand new controllers. These orb-shaped controllers are more in-line with things like Oculus Touch, and should provide for more immersive VR experiences than what is currently possible with PlayStation Move. They also have a number of unique features inspired by existing VR technology as well as the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller.

As confirmed by Sony, each of the VR controllers has adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, which should both go a long way in increasing immersion as well. The controllers also have finger touch detection, so they can tell how the players hands are positioned and can reflect those motions in-game. Controller tracking is now down through a tracking ring that's on the bottom of the controller instead of the PlayStation Camera and bulbous lights on the PlayStation Move.

Sony has detailed the exact layout that PlayStation VR fans can expect from the new controllers. The Left VR controller has an analog stick, the triangle button, the square button, a grip button, a trigger button, and the Create button. Meanwhile, the Right VR controller has an analog stick, the X and circle buttons, a grip button, a trigger button, and the Options button. Like with Oculus Touch controllers, players will mainly be using the Grip button to grab objects in the VR space.

Unfortunately, further details about what the next-gen PlayStation VR experience will look like have not been revealed. So fans don't know how much these fancy new controllers will cost, and they also don't know how much the PlayStation VR headset itself will set them back. Besides these new controller functionality details, all Sony has said about its next-gen VR headset is that it will not release in 2021.

Considering this, PlayStation VR enthusiasts will likely have to wait until 2022 to get their hands on the new technology, but it seems likely that Sony will continue releasing new information on it throughout the year. Meanwhile, those that want to play VR games on their PlayStation 5 can still do so using the original PlayStation VR, but they will need to contact Sony for a free adaptor first.

When Sony launched its PlayStation VR headset in 2016, it was already considered a relatively low-end device. PlayStation VR was completely outmatched by headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift at launch, with weaker performance and less impressive graphics than its competitors. However, PlayStation VR had one major advantage over its competition, and that was its (at the time) low price point for a VR headset, allowing gamers to experience the new technology without breaking the bank.


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