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Custom The Last of Us PS5 Looks Like it Came From the Game

Author : karin
Publish Date : 2021-03-02 13:47:26
Custom The Last of Us PS5 Looks Like it Came From the Game

Some fans have been quick to decorate their new PS5 consoles with custom made skins, and decorations to mark the new hardware as their own. One player in particular has taken their love of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us and used that as the inspiration of an incredible customization for the new console in a way that transports it directly into the game.

Originally posted as a photo set, content creator Retro Licker has also uploaded a video to shown off this impressive new build that shows its The Last of Us inspiration off some interesting ways. Unfortunately for anyone looking to snag one of these for there own, this looks like a specially made customization, and isn't exactly commercially available for all players.

The build itself goes a little farther than a standard skin that adds a custom image to the side or middle bar of a PS5 console, going so far as to add full textures to complete the illusion. With all of the customizations on it, the system looks like it is made of bricks and has the Firefly logo emblazoned onto the side of it, built directly into some kind of structure. A few additions of moss and grass here and there across the surface of the console continues to help selling the vibe that this piece of hardware has been pulled straight out of The Last of Us' post-apocalyptic world.

To go perfectly alongside the console, Retro Licker has also created a Last of Us-inspired custom DualSense controller that has more of a scarred metal surface, as opposed to the PS5's brick. The two together make for an immersive way to jump into The Last of Us and its sequel on next-gen consoles, both of which might hopefully get PS5 updates in the future. While these are the most recent builds by Retro Licker, they aren't the only customizations that the content creator has shown off for PS5 before, some of which have also included a God of War-themed controller and a PS2-styled console addition.

Considering how many players have made impressive customizations for PS5 consoles already, it can be tough for a homemade build like this to really stand out. However, Retro Licker's handiwork does quite the job of making itself unique as a piece that would fit so perfectly into The Last of Us. It definitely goes to show how well-crafted fan projects can be when the community gets involved in designing these specialized hardware enhancements.

In March 2020, a television adaptation of Naughty Dog’s acclaimed game The Last of Us was revealed to be in the planning stages at HBO. Expected to cover the events of this game and perhaps also some elements of its 2020 sequel, the TV series is set to have Neil Druckmann, the writer and co-director of the original 2013 game, as one of its co-showrunners; the show was clearly set to have high fidelity to the source material.

Upon being announced, many drew comparisons between this upcoming adaptation and AMC’s long-running post-apocalyptic horror, The Walking Dead. Both shows are set in a neo-western dystopian America overrun by a legion of zombies and are centered around traumatized people who are doing their best to survive and protect their surrogate families. But The Last of Us shouldn’t take its cues from The Walking Dead – instead, it should be inspired by the work of its other co-showrunner: Craig Mazin.


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