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Resident Evil Village Player Finds Surprising Radiohead Reference

Author : Febresfelicitas73678
Publish Date : 2021-05-05 11:43:42
Resident Evil Village Player Finds Surprising Radiohead Reference

Ahead of Capcom’s launch of Resident Evil Village this May 2021, fans have already found different ways to exploit the timed RE Village demos that the development team has made available to the public. Making use of such an exploit on PC, one hardcore fan found an Easter egg that references a Radiohead song hidden within an obscure spot inside of the game's demo.

With only days away until the launch of the latest title in Capcom’s Resident Evil series, fans are likely looking to get more out of what they can play on whichever platform they currently have. This anticipation is likely not helped by Capcom's heavy marketing campaigns that leverage on the popularity of giant lady vampire Lady Dimitrescu, nor by their continuous teasers through dedicated online showcases and limited-time demos. Therefore, it is not surprising that fans are using mods and other methods to get more time out of the one hour they are allotted when they first boot up the Resident Evil Village demo.
On the Resident Evil subreddit, one user named Harry101UK shared their discovery of the Radiohead Easter egg in the Resident Evil Village PC demo. Posting their screenshot, they noted that the lyrics to the UK rock band's song "Creep" were written on a dirty plastic bottle, beside other typical looking items that make the whole scenario look inconspicuous. With such a tiny detail hidden in such a wide area provided by the demo, players may likely not have found this Easter egg if not for modifications that allow them to reset the demo's built-in one-hour timer.
Harry101UK also shared the exact location of the bottle containing the Radiohead song lyrics, stating that the item can be found within the truck garage at the end of the demo. They also stated that looking at things up close is "pretty bad," even with all visual specs maxed out and ray-tracing on Resident Evil Village activated. This makes it all the more interesting how they were able to locate such a minute detail within the demo.

As the days to the release date of Resident Evil Village are counting down, it is likely that the fanbase will share more of their discoveries and unique experiences online. Even now, with only the demo out in public, players are already creating mods that tweak how they play the game. Modded or not, hopefully the game will live up to the fans' expectations and pave the way to another title in the long-standing horror series.
From beginning to end, Housemarque’s unique roguelike Returnal is a solitary experience, with players controlling Selene as she attempts to find the White Shadow Signal and escape the time loop. That said, there are moments where one other humanoid figure appears to give Returnal players a fright, with the Astronaut consistently stalking Selene.

The Astronaut is a key figure in Selene’s story, with players consistently encountering the entity in the optional House sequences. These first-person sections see the figure popping up, usually toward the end, with gamers discovering small details about Selene’s past before these harrowing interactions. However, it seems like the Astronaut does not only appear in the House, as Twitter user afillari pointed out at least one other potential location for Selene’s stalker.


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