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Destiny 2’s Tower is Hiding a Neat Detail in Plain Sight

- By vivakonen
Publish Date : 2021-04-12 10:02:50
Destiny 2’s Tower is Hiding a Neat Detail in Plain Sight

Since the franchise began back in 2014, Destiny players have made their home at a location known as The Tower inside of a place on Earth known as The Last City. As the main social hub in both games, players can interact with others, pick up bounties, visit vendors, and much more. Things changed when Destiny 2 launched as Bungie essentially used the narrative to destroy the old Tower location and build a new one in its place where players currently reside.

While the location and layout may be a bit different, one thing that hasn't changed between games is Bungie's penchant for adding hidden secrets and Easter eggs into both locations. In the first version of the Tower, players could hunt down Dead Ghost collectables hidden in plain sight. In addition, an intercom would periodically play in the background usually by prominent NPC characters to help make the place feel more alive. Fans noticed that staying in the Tower long enough would prompt some more comical and fourth wall breaking announcements.

While the Destiny 2 Tower has done away with the intercom, it still has plenty of its own secrets including a ball game that many Guardians activate upon arrival. However, one player noticed that the Hangar location features a small and unique feature that many players have likely ran past without even noticing. After running into the Hangar section of the Tower, there's what appears to be a simple "Days Without Incidents" sign hanging on the wall to the left.

What redditor iwannaburger notices is that the number displayed dynamically changes based on player behavior inside the Tower. If a player dies while in the Tower, such as jumping off the side, the number displayed on the sign decreases by 1. However, if 20-30 minutes go by without a player dying, which typically represents 1 in-game day, the number increases by one.

Naturally, fans have had some fun with this revelation with some joking that if the number ever reaches 100, Bungie will gift everyone a Gjallarhorn, a classic Destiny 1 exotic rocket launcher. Others jokingly commented that its related to a secret challenge, or that it's related to the mysterious Wish 15 from the Dreaming City.

While it's unknown when this sign appeared, it likely isn't going to be the last change the Tower sees. Already, fans have seen a number of unique events happen inside the Tower since Destiny 2 launched including The Almighty being shot out of the sky by the Warmind Rasputin as well as the Traveler reawakening. Next season, the Black Armory vendor Ada-1 makes her grand return offering players armor focused mods, materials, and gear. In addition, Ada-1 will be the primary source of Destiny 2's transmog system which takes any armor piece and converts it into a universal ornament.

Destiny 2 added a major quality of life update when season 13, Season of the Chosen, started. With the start of the new season, weekly challenges were added for season pass holders to complete. These challenges were largely passive tasks and many of them can be done if Guardians just play through the many playlists and locations in Destiny 2. However, there are some challenges that stand out from the rest due to their difficulty, reliance on other players, or both.

Three challenges in particular can be incredibly difficult for Guardians to complete: The Cadre of Contenders, Conquest of the Mighty, and Trial by Firing Squad challenges. All three of these challenges put casual players who might have bought the season pass in a position where they have to grind. The completion of these challenges is necessary in order to complete all Season of the Chosen challenges and get that large bright dust pile reward at the end. Along with their difficulty, these challenges they may also negatively impact some playlists as Guardians look for easier ways to complete them.


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