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Rainbow Six Siege Confirms Operation North Star

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Publish Date : 2021-05-18 08:04:57
Rainbow Six Siege Confirms Operation North Star

Rainbow Six Siege came out in 2015, but the competitive shooter has seen continued support by developer Ubisoft ever since its release. With numerous seasonal updates released every year, Rainbow Six Siege has received new operators, reworks, and maps with more coming with the confirmed Operation North Star.

Operation North Star will be the second season of Rainbow Six Siege's Year 6 roadmap, with two more already planned out for release later this year. At the start of Year 6, which launched with Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist, Ubisoft released a small roadmap that gave fans a look at what they could expect to be released during the year.

The roadmap did not give a lot of information but did announce that Operation North Star's operator would be from the Nakoda Nation. The Nakoda are indigenous people that originate from Canada and the United States but currently live in Western Canada. Ubisoft's confirmation of the event gives little additional information, but Rainbow Six Siege is often subject to leaks leading up to the reveal of new content. Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star has proven to be no different, as details already began leaking about the season last month.

The leaks have thus far focused primarily on information regarding the new operator, claiming that they'll be a defender with the codename Thunderbird. They will be a three-speed character equipped with either a SPAS-15 or Spear .308 primary, Q-919 or Bearing-9  sidearm, and either impact grenades or C4. The leaks haven't said anything about what the operator's unique ability will be, so players will just have to wait until the official reveal to learn more. Rainbow Six Seige set new concurrent player records with the launch of its previous operation, so Operation North Star will undoubtedly draw quite the crowd as well.

No official release window for the release of Operation North Star has been revealed, but with Rainbow Six Siege's seasons usually lasting a little over three months each, it should be coming in early June. The announcement does come after some of the game's players and content creators started calling for players to boycott Rainbow Six Siege over what they claim is a rampant cheater and hacker problem. Ubisoft has yet to respond to the boycott or offer any update on the situation. Hopefully, fans will still be able to enjoy Operation North Star when it releases sometime soon.

Rainbow Six Siege has been out since December of 2015, and while the game has seen some substantial changes since then, the bones have stayed more or less the same. This is definitely a good thing; it means the game released with the right gameplay loop. However, there's one aspect of the game that could see a little bit of love, and that's additional game modes.

Most players in Siege are going to want to play Ranked or Unranked most of the time. Few other modes have been added for that reason, and when they are, they're usually only there for a limited amount of time. But there's one kind of mode that quite a few players have asked for, and it's never been brought to the game: a faster-paced mode where players can get into the action a little bit quicker.


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