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PUBG 11.2 Update is Now Live on Consoles

Author : shieldhay
Publish Date : 2021-05-07 13:02:57
PUBG 11.2 Update is Now Live on Consoles

Battle Royale PUBG has revealed that its new Update 11.2 is now live on consoles. The update brings a whole bevy of changes, new features, and a brand new survivor pass to PUBG.

Update 11.2 already came to PUBG last week on PC, and the game receives updates pretty frequently. In fact, update 11.1 just released around three weeks ago, so things have been changing pretty quickly in the shooter. Update 11.2 is quite a bit larger than 11.1 was, however, so console players will have plenty of new content to look at and explore now that the patch is arriving on their systems as well.

One of the biggest additions is the new Survivor Pass: Pajama Party. The pass will run from May 6 to June 17, and has a large variety of cosmetics players can unlock by completing matches and challenges. Another big change comes in the update to PUBG's original map Erangel. The changes are centered around the map's bridges running to and from the military base, with new ways to access it as well as changes to the cover that is spread out along the length of the bridge. The update will also remove the graffiti from PUBG's 4th anniversary Graffiti Contest event.

The update also brings some tweaks to the game's new reputation system, a visual overhaul for the Flash Hider attachment on the SLR weapon, and a variety of UI improvements. It also brings a change that swaps the ability for players to do a quick pick-up/drop to now be able to pick-up/drop half instead. There is also the addition of finer sensitivity adjustments for the various sights as well as reticle brightness.

Finally, the update will also allow players to switch seats or exit a vehicle while shooting without pulling them out of their aiming. The update also brings a test mode to PUBG that allows players to respawn and seems more similar to the crazier modes players see in PUBG Mobile.

All in all, Update 11.2 is bringing a lot of new content to PUBG on consoles. The frequent updates are likely why the game has sustained such a large player base that has even seen PUBG at the top of top seller lists recently. Hopefully, the developers can continue to release updates with new features and tweaks that players love, and with the recent rumors about PUBG 2, players should have a lot to look forward to in the PUBG universe.

There was a time when the Battle Royale genre of video games seemed to begin and end with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Better known as PUBG, this really was the game that started a parade of other games in the genre. Some are good, though, while some fall a little bit short. These days, there are a ton of them to choose from, no matter what platform is used. The sheer number of games out there can make it a bit hard to decide on what to play and what stands out from the pack.

PUBG is still up there. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is hugely popular on PC, but it also offers quite a bit to like on the Xbox. For one thing, Xbox Game Pass users can play the game for no additional charge. One reason this title is different from most of today's most popular Battle Royale titles is that it is not free to play. Outside of Game Pass, it costs around $20. The fact that it can be played free with the subscription is a nice addition to a game that set the standard in this genre.


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