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Valheim Player Develops Method to Build Spiral Staircases

Author : bakefeat
Publish Date : 2021-03-15 13:31:08
Valheim Player Develops Method to Build Spiral Staircases

It seems the popularity of the open-world survival title Valheim does not look like it will diminish any time soon. Players are constantly discovering interesting ways to play the game, and some have turned to replicating characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine in-game, or even other iconic video game locations, to keep things interesting. With erecting structures such an integral aspect of survival in Valheim, one player recently shared his own take in building a beautiful spiral staircase.

Fans will likely agree that setting up structures in Valheim can make or break their in-game experience. Given that there are no in-depth tutorials on how to properly build in the game, players may often feel frustrated with how their initial homes in Valheim may end up looking. However, once players get the hang of how crafting and building things work, fans often spend hours to create beautiful structures that they will likely post online to share with the community.

Reddit user sorahn recently shared a unique way of building a spiral staircase in Valheim. Players most likely know that some of the only craftable steps available in the game are the low-heighted stairs or taller ladders. With only a few crafting options, building different kinds of stairways can be very limited. Sorahn, however, found out that placing materials such as core wood pieces a certain way will allow players to set up spiral stairs anywhere they want to.

In the Reddit thread, sorahn wrote in the comments section their detailed instructions on how to build the spiral staircase. Using vertical core wood as the main centerpiece, then placing core wood beams on half rotation around them, they were able to create the basic structure of the stairs. Sorahn then encouraged users on the thread to design the staircase however they wanted, once the basic support of the structure had been laid out. With structure stability an important feature in Valheim, sorahn also tested how their creation would hold up without the core wood center.

Building structures is one of the many creative activities players can immerse themselves in Valheim. With the game being as open-world as it is, it is no wonder that it has over 100,000 concurrent players on Steam, and has even sold over 3 millions copies in less than a month. With the game still in Early Access on Steam, fans are likely hoping that the developers will continue the great work, and bring in more exciting content when Valheim fully launches later on.

One of the coolest parts about the game is how customizable it can become with Console Commands. Players have the ability to seriously alter their worlds using these or various cheat codes which makes their gameplay experience that much more unique and enjoyable.

Being able to enter in commands is simple. Players just need to click the F5 button which brings up the Console Command Box. From here, players should enter in imacheater and press enter to unlock the game's full potential! It's worth noting that console commands will not work outside of single-player. Yes, this means none of these commands will work in a multiplayer server. The only exception to this rule is Server Admin Commands.


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