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Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Trailer Reveals New Skins and Seasonal Brawls

Author : Laquandahoriuchi7560
Publish Date : 2021-05-19 16:56:06
Overwatch Anniversary 2021 Trailer Reveals New Skins and Seasonal Brawls

While many fans are no doubt still hungry for Overwatch 2 news (Blizzard will be answering fan questions during an upcoming developer livestream), the original Overwatch is by no means being neglected. In fact, with 2021 marking its fifth anniversary, Blizzard has put together a special anniversary season event, which technically started yesterday and is running for three weeks until June 8th.

Naturally, Overwatch players can unlock a selection of new character skins, eight of them to be exact. One of them is the Funky Baptiste skin which was shown off a couple of days ago, although three of them can only be acquired by completing weekly challenges. Fortunately, said challenges are really simple.
Players only need to take part in 27 games each week (won games will count as two). Doing so will yield the Cybermedic Ana skin in week 1, the Bird of Paradise Echo skin in week 2, and the 8 Ball Wrecking Ball skin in week 3. The remaining new skins are Black Cat Sombra, Gladiator Doomfist, Junkfood Junkrat, and Venus Moira. There are also three new emotes for Tracer, Ashe, and Brigitte, though no new intros.
Pokemon GO has a new event currently active with it being the Luminous Legends Y event. A large focus of this event is on Team GO Rocket and their Shadow Pokemon that players can rescue after battling them. Because of this, both the grunts and leaders of Team GO Rocket have brand new teams and Shadow Pokemon to go up against.

Thanks to the new team compositions for Team GO Rocket's leaders in Pokemon GO, players will need rework their strategies for the battles against them. This is especially true for Sierra, who only keeps one Pokemon from her previous team lineup.
But aside from that, a bunch of skins, emotes, and intros from previous Overwatch seasonal events can be acquired, making this season the perfect time for new players to catch up or for long-time players to get their hands on cosmetics they missed out on in the past. Specifically, they come from the Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Winter Wonderland, Lunar New Year, and Archives events.
In order to obtain any of these returning cosmetics, players will need to open anniversary loot boxes, which Blizzard warns will vanish once the event ends. According to the official website, these loot boxes are unsurprisingly available to purchase with real money. And buying a bundle of 50 of them will also include an additional legendary loot box that contains at least one legendary item.

It's not just the cosmetics either. Throughout the coming weeks, players will be able to take part in those previous events too. It changes each day, but each of the previously mentioned events and their associated brawls will be available during the anniversary event's duration. For example, the Halloween Terror brawls will be available every Wednesday, with the Junkenstein challenges available every Thursday.

As a reminder, Blizzard won't be abandoning the game once Overwatch 2 releases, whenever that will be. The plan is for both games to be compatible with each other, meaning content will be shared between the two, including new characters, and players from one game can still play against/with players from the other one.


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