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Call of Duty: Mobile Set To Receive Napalm Strike

Author : sheetreel
Publish Date : 2021-03-09 08:45:46
Call of Duty: Mobile Set To Receive Napalm Strike

New content and features are headed for Call of Duty: Mobile in a Season 2 update. Activision has already confirmed the new season's theme, and now players are slowly learning what will be populating Season 2's features. With Call of Duty: Mobile already filled with tons of beloved Call of Duty content, many fans forgot about a rather obvious scorestreak that happened to be missing.

Season 2 has been dubbed the "Day of Reckoning" for Call of Duty: Mobile, and it will start with a theme filled with destructive force. In addition to the name, Call of Duty: Mobile's developers have unveiled that Napalm will be added as a new scorestreak for to popular mobile shooter. This scorestreak has appeared in the previous Call of Duty titles, and now it makes a triumphant return to a welcoming community.

The Napalm scorestreak will operate similarly to the previous Call of Duty titles within the mobile environment. Players are able to call in a plane that will drop fire from the sky and ignite the battlefield. Any player who earns this new air support option chooses the flight path of the aircraft and watches as the fire is dropped across the map. Do note that the napalm also creates a cloud of smoke which can obscure the map and act as a smokescreen for stealthy maneuvers. While it is currently unclear how many points it will cost, fans are excited to see the scorestreak added to Call of Duty: Mobile's many options.

Fans are expecting the new Napalm scorestreak to be available through the Season 2 Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass. Otherwise, it could appear as a Seasonal or Feature challenge for interested players. No matter which method is used, once the Napalm strike hits the battlefield, players will have another option for restricting enemy movements.

Season 2 has tons of new content on its way included an AS VAL assault rifle and the SPR 208 Sniper Rifle. These weapons are expected to be within the free Battle Pass options and should complement the season's theme in their own unique ways. Two maps are confirmed for Season 2, including the Shoothouse Map and Shipment 1944.

Call of Duty: Mobile fans continue to receive publicly requested items as the development team seems to be catering content to the active community. As players explore new features and options, Call of Duty: Mobile grows closer to being a true melting pot of the Call of Duty franchise.

The popularity of social deductive games has spiked following the success of Among Us. Social deductive games like Mafia and Werewolf have always been popular, but Among Us gave the genre a viral popularity that's turning some eyes. One big example of a game following the trend is Call of Duty Mobile, according to a recent leak. If reliable, it looks like the developers of Call of Duty Mobile are considering a social deduction game mode based heavily on Among Us.

Footage of a so-called "Werewolf" playlist in Call of Duty Mobile has leaked from the Chinese version of the game. The footage reveals a mode with 12 players who cooperate to complete tasks while defending themselves from traitors and periodically voting to execute an untrustworthy teammate. It is, by all accounts, an Among Us-style experience being made in Call of Duty Mobile, yet there's no official word regarding its release.


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