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Outriders Plans to Fix Golem Bug, Players are Not Happy

- By silkiron
Publish Date : 2021-04-24 14:37:51
Outriders Plans to Fix Golem Bug, Players are Not Happy

Following multiple delays, People Can Fly's latest title Outriders experiences a wave of excitement from fans thanks to a demo that launched in February. Before long, the community support translated into major successes for the game as it quickly went on to become a top seller on Steam as well as Xbox, even though it was added to Game Pass at launch. Still, the launch hasn't been flawless and it seems player frustrations are on the rise once more.

At launch, server issues plagued the game, kicking players out even those attempting to play solo. Over the course of the first weekend, People Can Fly managed to identify and rectify the disconnect issue, though in its wake, new bugs came to light. One nasty issue in particular essentially wiped player's inventories, leaving them at square one with no way to bring the gear back. While a fix is nearing completion to where players not only receive back their missing gear, but adjusted to have god rolls stats, a new issue is now plaguing the fanbase.

Over on the Outriders subReddit, players have begun reporting a strange issue with a mod called Emergency Stance which grants players the Golem Skill ability that triggers when their life reaches a certain point. While this skill is normally reserved for the Devastator class, this mod provides the shield and damage reduction effects for any class with it equipped. However, a glitch essentially makes this buff permanent the more it triggers.

One report from Supaflash highlights this issue through a lengthy Reddit post complete with screenshots of the odd behaviors. Attempting to run Archways of Enoch on World Tier 15, the player's damage blocked and taken stats seemed to be changing based on the level. Certain levels would cause them to drop, while others returned the values to normal. The only way they were able to complete certain expeditions was by equipping the currently bugged Emergency Stand bug which grants Golem.

While this sounds like it benefits the player, the buff is actually opening player eyes to a core issue of the game in that enemy damage tends to get out of hand on higher levels. Some of the more difficult missions are giving players fits as they get one shot or overwhelmed very quickly even with the best gear equipped. For many, this Golem glitch is the one thing that makes Outriders playable on higher difficulties. With the issue about to be fixed in the next patch, many are upset and worried that People Can Fly may be missing the core issue that survivability isn't where it needs to be. By fixing the Golem issue and ignoring the underlying issue of overly high enemy damage, many remain worried for the game's immediate future.

Thankfully, the stats bug is known by the developer as confirmed by a Square Enix representative in the thread and like the Golem issue, it should be fixed sooner than later. With People Can Fly's recent acquisition of the US-based Phosphor Studios, perhaps the team can help assist squashing the remaining bugs.


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