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What is Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Author : racebanrnr
Publish Date : 2021-03-27 11:02:54
What is Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Cookie Run: Kingdom is the newest addition to the Cookie Run mobile game series. Its gameplay style is a hybrid city planner-RPG, where players take parties of the cookie characters into battle, and also build their own kingdom and watch it flourish. The development team, Devsisters, published Cookie Run: Kingdom back in January 2021, after much promotion and buildup for the new game.

The Cookie Run series has had multiple spin-off games, but Kingdom is the biggest and most fleshed out game since the original. Cookie Run has become a popular app, thanks to its constantly evolving gameplay and cast of cute characters. Cookie Run: Kingdom promises to offer its own special features to make it stand out among other entries in the series.

The main game of the series, known as Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, is an auto-runner game that has gone through many forms, including its original iteration as a LINE game. The origin of the game's story revolves around Gingerbrave, the first cookie the player is given, escaping from a witch's oven. The game's world has grown significantly throughout the years, with colorful elaborate lands full of cookie characters.

Despite the game's simplistic style, each character design is creative and fun. More elaborate costumes for cookies are available through a gacha-style feature, separate from the main progression that awards characters. As far as gacha games go, Cookie Run is quite generous with its characters, with constant special banner events and mileage rewards that allow players to pick. New cookies, events, and gameplay modes are constantly being added in updates.

Aside from the main game and Kingdom, there have been two other games in the Cookie Run series: Cookie Wars was a strategy game that closed down last year, and Cookie Run: Puzzle World is a match-three puzzle game.

The town building system in Cookie Run is the most customization any of the games have allowed; players can decorate and build a kingdom to their liking. Players collect resources from the main RPG, and can build or renovate buildings through those resources. Cookies can have their own special buildings, like a magical laboratory for Wizard Cookie.

The single player RPG revolves around party building with cookie units, each with their own special abilities. Toppings can be added for buffs and other special perks. There are also multiplayer Guild Battles, where players fight in PvP battles to raise their leaderboard ranks.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has many exclusive characters, including the reaper Licorice Cookie, and the little king Custard Cookie III. There are also the five legendary heroes, who include Pure Vanilla Cookie and Dark Cacao Cookie. While it's not impossible that they could be added to Ovenbreak, their importance to the story of Kingdom implies they'll stick to the one game for some time. The story revolves around the cookies' new life after escaping from the witch, and a mysterious battle of light and darkness between legendary cookies.

Updates to the game are frequent, introducing new events and characters often. The Cookie Run games are constantly evolving and the developers are very receptive to the fanbase; it seems likely that Cookie Run: Kingdom will last and keep growing as the playerbase grows.


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