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New Returnal Update Out Today, Heres What it Does

Author : granhathock
Publish Date : 2021-05-21 11:49:08
New Returnal Update Out Today, Heres What it Does

Housemarque's Returnal is one of the biggest game releases so far this year. Today, Returnal's 1.3.7 patch has arrived to squash some of the bugs that players have reported coming across during their runs.

Returnal is a sci-fi roguelike that sees players trying to escape a time loop after crashing on an alien planet. While the game received a warm reception upon launch, one major complaint players have voiced is the inability to save while in the middle of one of Returnal's rather long runs. Runs can take a couple of hours, and the only solution Housemarque has offered thus far is to turn off the PlayStation 5's auto-updates so that the game does not get closed when players have the console in sleep mode.

Players have accordingly been waiting for a save feature to be added to the game, but Patch 1.3.7 unfortunately is focused primarily on bugs. One of the biggest fixes in the patch notes is multiple fixes that should help with crashing issues, which could be very frustrating for players as crashing could cut a good run short. The patch notes also list the update fixing an issue that saw Deceased Souls not spawning as frequently as intended across Returnal's multiple biomes.

The new update also changes it so that players who have their Deceased Scout corpses scavenged will no longer receive a parasite with a negative effect. The update also fixes an issue that could lead to the Ophion boss disappearing after the player uses the Reconstructor in the middle of the fight.

Other problems fixed include an audio bug that caused loud noises during combat, a variety of smaller fixes that should stop players from becoming stuck in some rooms, and fixed multiple issues that caused players to get a black screen during credits. While the update's patch notes aren't the most exciting, the update does fix some of Returnal's issues that players were hoping would be fixed.

Returnal has a lot of secrets and content to offer players, so hopefully, this update will make players' experience much smoother. It is unfortunate that there is no mention from Housemarque about whether or not the developers are willing to implement the much-requested save feature. The closest the patch notes get is starting with a reminder telling players that the automatic updates will exit the game if it is suspended in PlayStation 5's rest mode. Hopefully, players will receive some news on a save feature being added in an update soon.

The latest PlayStation 5 exclusive has been making a name for itself lately. Returnal is a game that has been the source of adoration for those who particularly enjoy games that present their players with a bit of a challenge. However, what not a lot of players expected was the game's mystifying story.

The story of Returnal has left a lot of players scratching their heads. The ending is a tad confusing and the overall lore is deep. On top of that, the main character, Selene, and those that revolve around her, also have very interesting stories. There are details about these characters not many players may have caught on their first playthrough.


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