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Demeo is New VR Dungeon Crawler Game

Author : tallar
Publish Date : 2021-03-04 09:36:00
Demeo is New VR Dungeon Crawler Game

With Covid-19 limiting many peoples' ability to gather together, gamers are seeking new ways to play with each other without sharing air space. Game nights spent playing tabletop adventure games like Dungeons and Dragons are harder to pull off, but a new VR game may offer a way for friends to get together and still take part in the joys of interactive storytelling. Demeo is a VR dungeon crawler that could be perfect for game nights, and a new trailer shows some of what's possible in the game.

Players will dive into the underworld of Demeo to stop a dark force from threatening everyone's existence. Demeo is designed to be a cooperative experience with players as adventurers journeying floor-by-floor to stop whatever they come across. Developed by Resolution Games, Demeo looks like game with all of the standard tabletop game trappings, just with virtual cards, miniatures, and dungeons to explore.

For gamers familiar with Tabletop Simulator, Demeo looks a lot like it but with virtual accessories players can wear to locate their in-game avatars. The VR experience supports up to four players and it seems like it will release sometime in 2021 for Oculus platforms, the Valve Index, and the HTC Vive.

One of the coolest aspects of Demeo shown off in the trailer is the ability for players to see the spells and attacks they've performed in an animated VR world. Now when adventurers cast classic spells like Fireball at a dungeon spider, they can watch that spider miniature burn. Players can also visually see the effect ranges of their abilities, which might cut down on confusion and accidental misplays. Demeo also looks like it has virtual dice that won't get lost when one player gets too aggressive with their roll.

VR games are becoming more and more popular, and not only because of COVID-19 restrictions. The quality of VR games is improving, with games like Beat Saber and Half-Life: Alyx reaching wide audiences. Oculus Quest games are making a ton of money, and Resolution Games seemingly hopes to add Demeo to the list of successful games on the headset.

The VR market looks to have a new competitor entering the fray. Apple is reportedly developing an expensive virtual reality headset intended to serve as a first step towards even more advanced technology in the future.

There have been quite a few reports in the past few months regarding Apple and its new product development. In addition to the news of a potential VR system, the tech giant might also be making a self-driving car. Codenamed Project Titan, Apple's vehicle project plans to launch in 2024, a decade after its inception. The VR headset has a considerably shorter turnaround time, with plans to launch the device as early as 2022.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple's new standalone device will feature both VR and AR technology, and is capable of multiple functionalities including gaming, video, and communications. The company is aiming to incorporate some of its most powerful chips ever into the headset, even more advanced than any device it currently has on the market. Some of the chips currently being tested are outdoing the performance of Apple's M1 Mac processor. The device has faced several hurdles in its development, resulting in the company having conservative sales expectations. This can be seen as quite uncharacteristic of Apple, which normally predicts massive numbers with its new devices.


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