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New In The Heights Clip Showcases Movie Musicals Impressive Cast

- By clarisabeane055
Publish Date : 2021-05-17 11:04:13
New In The Heights Clip Showcases Movie Musicals Impressive Cast

A new clip from In the Heights highlights the movie's impressive cast. The upcoming film comes from director Jon M. Chu and is based on the musical of the same name by Quiara Alegría Hudes and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Set in New York City's Washington Heights, it follows bodega owner Usnavi de la Vega (Anthony Ramos) as he dreams for a better life. The original musical, which made its Broadway debut in 2008, won multiple Tonys and other prestigious awards. Many are eager to see how the beloved production makes the jump to the big screen.

The movie has been in the works since 2008 as well, so it's been a long road to the adaptation actually coming to fruition. Chu has been involved with the In the Heights film since 2016, but the project didn't really pick up steam until Warner Bros. acquired the rights. Filming began in the summer of 2019, with the movie previously scheduled to release on June 26, 2020. It's now set to debut in theaters and on HBO Max June 11. In addition to Ramos, the In the Heights movie stars Corey Hawkins, Leslie Grace, Melissa Barrera, Jimmy Smits, and many more. Miranda plays the role of Piraguero, the Piragua Guy, in a fun bit of casting for those who enjoy the original musical.

With In the Heights' release date fast approaching, this new clip should only increase anticipation for the movie. The footage revealed so far suggests the film will maintain the same energetic sprit as the original musical, and this video is no exemption. Since the In the Heights movie has been in the works for so long, there's a lot of pressure on it to deliver. However, it looks like the film is more than up to the challenge.

It's hard to imagine In the Heights underperforming considering the incredible amount of talent involved in the project both behind and in front of the camera. That's evident in a video like this one, where it's clear everyone involved is giving it their all. The In the Heights movie seems primed to provide the much-needed joy moviegoers are seeking at this particular time. Hopefully, that's exactly what happens when the film releases in June.

The movie adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's In the Heights includes several actors from his hit musical Hamilton. Lin-Manuel Miranda is now best known for creating and starring in the Broadway sensation Hamilton. Even though it has been years since Miranda starred in the musical, it reclaimed its place in pop culture with the release of Hamilton on Disney+. The production gave the world a chance to see the musical with the original cast that took Broadway by storm, but it is another Miranda creation that is getting an actual Hollywood movie adaptation.

Lin-Manuel Miranda created the earliest version of In the Heights while in college but later adapted it for Broadway. He starred as Usnavi de la Vega in the production, which was reimagined with new casts for additional performances across America. Warner Bros. began developing the movie adaptation in 2018 and brought Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu aboard. Lin-Manuel Miranda is involved and created some new music for the In the Heights movie, which is now expected to be an even bigger hit when it releases after Hamilton's renewed popularity.


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