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Netflix: Every Movie & TV Show Coming In June 2021

Author : bamburgdelilah51
Publish Date : 2021-05-25 11:32:42
Netflix: Every Movie & TV Show Coming In June 2021

Netflix has announced its virtual "Geeked Week" event. Starting as a DVD-rental service in 1997, Netflix has since expanded into a vast streaming platform, featuring an extensive catalog of content that features hundreds of Netflix original titles, as well as familiar movies and TV shows. As of 2021, Netflix has over 207 million paid subscribers across 190 countries. Currently, Netflix holds partnerships with massive media conglomerates, such as NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia, and Sony Pictures, among countless others. In 2020, Netflix's top three most-watched programs were Lucifer, Emily in Paris, and their smash-hit, The Queen's Gambit (starring Anya Taylor-Joy) – all three shows are original Netflix titles.

This summer, Netflix will launch its first virtual – and free – event, entitled "Geeked Week," which will span five days. "Geeked Week" will feature exclusive content like new trailers, art, and news coverage, as well as appearances from Netflix's fan-favorite original series. While similar to Comic-Con in terms of the event's theme, "Geeked Week" will model Disney's D23 expo in the way it provides attendees with updates and exclusive screenings of upcoming content. Speaking with Collider about the event, Netflix said:

    Over the years, Netflix has been lucky enough to inspire loyal followings for series and films like Stranger Things, Castlevania, The Old Guard and many more. But these fandoms aren’t just about making GIFs, buying merch or theorizing about the next big twist(s). They’re about sharing excitement and connecting with people from all over the world who hold the same passion for those characters and stories. Netflix Geeked, Netflix’s home for all things genre entertainment, wants to celebrate these communities and bring them together. That’s why we’re launching Geeked Week.

"Geeked Week" will run from June 7-11, and will feature headlining shows like Lucifer, The Witcher, and Netflix's much-anticipated Cowboy Bebop. As Netflix's catalog of original programming has grown substantially over the last few years, even garnering accolades like Academy Awards and Emmys, fan bases for these shows have also grown – especially that of Lucifer. With a vibrant fan presence on its radar, Netflix has successfully monopolized on its sci-fi and fantasy audiences by creating the "Geeked Week" event. In emphasizing the growing interconnectedness of its fans, Netflix assures that "Geeked Week" will likely be well-attended this summer, and will hopefully continue for years to come.

In June 2021, Netflix is bringing a movie based on a famous manga and anime, season 4 of a Spanish TV series, season 2 of a French mystery TV series, a TV series based on a comic book, and a lot more. The entertainment industry is slowly returning to normal as cinemas around the world start to reopen and filming of projects that had to be on hold is finally moving forward. Meanwhile, the streaming world continues to welcome new platforms with different content, and while the streaming wars heat up, life at Netflix continues its course and the platform continues adding new content – licensed and original – every month.

May welcomed the movies Monster, Oxygen, The Woman in the Window, and Army of the Dead, as well as the TV shows Jupiter’s Legacy and Halston, and new seasons of Selena: The Series, Love, Death & Robots, Castlevania, and Who Killed Sara?. When it comes to licensed content, Netflix brought all Back to the Future movies, Mystic River, Notting Hill, Scarface, Layer Cake, and Sleight. This month, the streaming giant will add movies like Bad Teacher, I Am Sam, Million Dollar Baby, Stand By Me, and The Big Lebows


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