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Fan Favorite Weapon Returns to Fortnite

Author : briberich
Publish Date : 2021-05-26 07:23:07
Fan Favorite Weapon Returns to Fortnite

Over nearly 4 years, Epic Games' battle royale Fortnite has made quite a name for itself. Aside from being one of the most popular games in the world and at the center of a huge lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple, Fortnite is largely responsible for bringing the battle royale genre into the mainstream. While the game's fort-building mechanics have given Fortnite its own unique twist, its weapons have shined from time-to-time as well.

Over the years, Fortnite has introduced fans to a plethora of different weapons, from the Crossbow to the Boogie Bomb, the tools at players' disposal has run the gamut. With so many weapons, the game has gotten into the practice of "vaulting" certain ones to retool them or keep the loot pool fresh. Earlier this month, Fortnite brought back the Tactical Shotgun, and now, another fan-favorite weapon has returned to the game.

Before update 16.5 last night, the official Fortnite Status Twitter account had teased that a fan-favorite weapon would be coming out of the vault. Additionally, Fortnite dataminers had found references in the game's code to upcoming quests involving the Dual Pistols. Now, fans' suspicions have been confirmed, as the weapon has officially been unvaulted in Fortnite v16.50.

The Dual Pistols were first introduced to Fortnite back in June 2018 during Chapter 1 Season 4. Fans have come to love the Dual Pistols for their high damage and rate of fire, though their accuracy at a distance takes a significant hit, as with other pistols in the game. If lucky enough to find them in high rarity, many players will opt to use Dual Pistols instead of a submachine gun at close range, as their rate of fire and damage output is very similar. Along with update v16.50 also came the unvaulting of the Drum Shotgun, re-adding another close-ranged weapon to the game.

The newest Fortnite update has also fixed a number of different bugs in the game and even seemingly teased the coming of Marvel's Loki in a new loading screen. The Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass is set to expire on June 7, and the v16.50 update has been confirmed to be the last update of the current season. Of course, fans have already begun speculating as to what the next season could bring.

This season has breathed some much-needed life into Fortnite, introducing an all-new weapon crafting system, along with Makeshift and Primal weapons, as well as wildlife to hunt, tame, and scavenge for materials. It will certainly be interesting to see whether the game continues to ride the wave of its current Primal theme, or will shake things up yet again.

Weekly quests and challenges have been a thing in Fortnite for a very long time, and one of this week's tasks players with repairing damaged telescopes around the new Fortnite map, in which there are five in total. By following this guide, players will learn the locations of all five broken telescopes to earn some XP for the Battle Pass.

To get started on the first damaged telescope, players should head to the island with a lighthouse on it, which is on the northern edge of the map, directly northwest of Stealthy Stronghold. The telescope will be out in the open on a ledge. Interact with it to fix it up and make it like new.


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