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Naughty Dog Fans Debate Leaked 2021 Project List

Author : ninecrum
Publish Date : 2021-03-10 12:29:41
Naughty Dog Fans Debate Leaked 2021 Project List

Rumors are flying around Twitter related to Naughty Dog and its upcoming 2021 announcements. Alleged leaks have Naughty Dog trending on the social media website as fans begin arguing about what deserves expansion, and other aspects that may be better suited to let lie.

It's worth noting that this is all to be taken with a grain of salt. Unverified leaks on the Internet are a dime a dozen, and it's easy to be waylaid by nonsense when a gamer is eager to figure out what's next for big studios. There has been no announcements from the studio itself granting any of them credence. Add onto the pile that these are leaks from 4Chan, an anonymized forum that tends to offer unique takes and "operations" against social media users, and skepticism is well-deserved.

The rumor states that Uncharted will be arriving on PC in 2021, The Last of Us 2 will receive an expansion that focuses more on Abby, and multiplayer for the title will arrive soon as well. The final feather in the proverbial cap of the alleged leak is a new IP referenced as "Stray's Cross." A heft of the concern appears to revolve around the expansion of The Last of Us 2 focusing on Abby, a character that many players disliked.

When the game first released, Twitter devolved into arguments about women not having the appropriate amount of protein in post-apocalyptic times. Some players dislike the character for bringing a cherished arc to a gruesome end, and Naughty Dog took on the challenge of humanizing the character in a startling turn of events midway through the plot. It's worth noting that Neil Druckman has stated that there will be no DLC to expand the storyline of The Last of Us 2, intending the story to be entirely told in the standard package.

The multiplayer expansion has been coming for a while at this point, and all signs point to its continuing development. However, the "Stray's Cross" reference has been circled for years at this point: there's likely a new IP being worked on by Naughty Dog based solely on the successes of its franchises thus far, and the arrival of Uncharted on PC does fit with other PlayStation exclusives coming to PC gamers with Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 4. Until Naughty Dog announces anything officially, however, it's best to take this as cloud-gazing at best.

The Last of Us 2 proved to be a hugely controversial game when it launched in 2020, with some of the controversy stemming from one scene early on in the game. The scene in question is one of the most shocking scenes in the entire Last of Us franchise, and some may be surprised that it was actually partly based on a real life event experienced by game director Neil Druckmann. In order to discuss the scene, this post will have MAJOR LAST OF US 2 SPOILERS so anyone that has yet to play the game for themselves should turn back now.

The scene in question is an early scene involving Last of Us 2's Abby and Joel. The scene, which infamously leaked online prior to The Last of Us 2's release date, shows Abby and her group capturing Joel and his brother Tommy. Abby, wanting revenge for what Joel did to the Firefly hospital at the end of the first game, beats him to death using a golf club. As it turns out, Druckmann came up with this idea because of an experience he had when he was 16 years old.


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