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Mass Effects Garrus is Getting an Incredible Statue

- By greelyyy
Publish Date : 2021-02-23 13:48:42
Mass Effects Garrus is Getting an Incredible Statue

After a few years of the Mass Effect franchise struggling through difficult development cycles and a lukewarm reception to new titles, there has been a reinvigoration within the fanbase. Thanks to the upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster which is set to release in May, fans are eager to show their love for the beloved Science Fiction series.

One of the ways fans can embrace the return of Shepard and his merry band of companions is through the plethora of swag publisher Electronic Arts is getting ready to release. One piece of merchandise that is getting all of the attention is based on one of the most beloved characters to come out of the franchise.

Announced via the official Bioware Gear Store Twitter account, a new limited Garrus figurine is in the works and is definitely up to the standard of the Turian sniper. The statue features Garrus prepped for battle with his trusty M-92 Mantis, taking cover behind a short wall. While it could be taken from any combat encounter, it is likely based on one of the most impactful character meetings in the entire Mass Effect franchise. With Garrus being one of the few party members to be available in all three titles, his reintroduction in Mass Effect 2 is considered one of the best moments by fans.

As far as pricing goes for statues, the Garrus figurine won't destroy wallets the same way other recent reveals will. The Garrus Statue is set to cost $95 according to the Bioware Gear Store which is a far more reasonably price when compared to other upcoming figurines. When looking at statues like the Wither 3 Geralt figure which costs over $1400, this seems like a bargain. While the pricing is definitely manageable, it does mean that would-be buyers have to act fast. The store page confirms that only 3000 statues will be produced, meaning that it will be an incredibly valuable item for collectors.

While the statue is now officially available for preorder, this isn't the first time fans got to see the figurine. Back in January, the Bioware Gear Store teased the Garrus Statue with an early mockup. Comparing the two images, not much was done to alter the pose of the character, but seeing it painted definitely adds a significant amount of flair.

With the uptick in fanfare for the Mass Effect franchise, these Garrus statues may not be available for long. Outside of the upcoming release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Bioware is also working on a title dubbed The Next Mass Effect. Outside of a very short teaser trailer, fans have been left speculating on what the game might shape up to be. While they wait for more information on that project, they will soon be able to play through the entire trilogy once again.

One of the most iconic moments in the entire Mass Effect franchise is the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2. Alongside a dozen recruited heroes, players have to put it all on the line in a life-or-death mission, where every mistake is costly. It's one of the highlights of the original trilogy, one that deeply impacted Mass Effect 2's ending and transition into ME3.

Of course, choosing the 12 characters was not so simple. Recently, BioWare's Mac Walters discussed the character concepts the studio came up with in the early stages of the game, and he highlighted how these characters couldn't just be disposable/expected to die. Each character would leave some impact, and choosing them from a ton of concepts and ideas had to be difficult. Some of these characters were worked into others, some were fully returning characters, and some just didn't make it into the game. Online, several of these have drawn attention such as the crazy Quarian King, but breaking down the full discussion, here is every character concept we spotted.


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