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Magic Legends Open Beta Release Date Confirmed

Author : lojokars
Publish Date : 2021-02-12 08:01:41
Magic Legends Open Beta Release Date Confirmed

Less than a month ago, Magic Legends developer Cryptic Studios confirmed that an open beta for the free-to-play ARPG was in the works. Now Cryptic is back to officially announce the open beta's upcoming release date. Revealed during the Epic Games Store's Spring Showcase event, Magic and ARPG fans can look forward to the launch of Magic Legends' open beta starting on March 23. The duration of the open beta is left unconfirmed, as no end date has yet been revealed.

The full scope of Magic Legends' open beta hasn't been discussed yet, but early indications point to it being substantial. The open beta announcement trailer description says that there will be over 170 spells available alongside 5 different classes. All of these may or may not be available during the open beta, but so far there's no mention that they won't be. It's even possible that the open beta will feature the full game and will just be used to stress testing and polishing purposes.

As an added benefit to encourage players to start playing the Magic Legends open beta as soon as possible, Cryptic will be offering a special login bonus. To earn it, all players have to do is log in to the game via the Epic Games Store during the first two weeks of the open beta. The bonus includes a free character costume, creature skin, and two nameless boosts.

If it wasn't immediately obvious from those last details about the open beta, the Magic Legends open beta is going to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. PC users will have to download the Epic Games Store client in order to download the free-to-play Magic Legends. It's unclear if Magic Legends' full release will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store, so stay tuned for more information.

Magic Legends arrives on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2021 and aims to bring the essence of the iconic collectible card game to the action RPG genre. It's a serious task to undertake, but Cryptic Studios is no stranger to handling established IP and translating the world to a new format.

Game Rant recently had a chance to sit down with Magic Legends Executive Producer Stephen Ricossa and chat about the game's newly announced Sanctifier class, Power Nine Easter eggs, and lots more. Prior to joining Magic Legends, Ricossa was the Executive Producer for Star Trek Online where he lead the Xbox and PS4 console conversion project and delivered over 10 seasonal updates and expansions on all platforms. The following interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.

So, the sanctuary class is our white class. Well just for people that are reading that don't know, our classes are made up of a variety of different parts. They have their primary abilities, so they have their primary attack. The primary attack for the Sanctifier is a Piercing Bolt and so it's a long range class, but that Bolt will hit anything in its way until it gets to the end of its shot. And then when it's upgraded it becomes a triple shot and so it's going in triple directions and then piercing a bunch of creatures along the way.

The next one is called Wave of Radiance. Your Sanctifier kind of has a big staff and it makes a wave a bit like an arc. That arc kind of flows outwards not slowly, but not super quick across the screen. So if you're playing against a player things can move out of the way. But it'll do damage to anything it hits. When you upgrade that any friendly that the wave hits will also heal. That'll heal your personal pets and your allies. So if anyone is on your team you could set that up so that there's this great line where it's going to hit your friends and your enemies. It'll be heal, heal, damage, damage, heal, heal.


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