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Rainbow Six Quarantines New Name Seems to Have Leaked

Author : flickmaker1
Publish Date : 2021-02-16 13:58:39
Rainbow Six Quarantines New Name Seems to Have Leaked

Rainbow Six Quarantine might officially have a new name. Less than a week after Ubisoft said it was thinking about changing Rainbow Six Quarantine's name over concerns that it would remind some of the coronavirus pandemic, the new name appears to have hit the web.

Ubisoft first announced Rainbow Six Quarantine at E3 2019 as a bit of a departure from other games in the series. The game was billed as a three-player co-op shooter that would have users go through a horror story. The short teaser trailer showed a first-person point of view, where the main player is shooting at ominous shadows that race by. Eventually, the main character is obviously in some sort of distress. As the unnamed soldier is swarmed by his teammates, a notice that he is "going into stasis" pops up on the screen.

Since the official reveal, Ubisoft hasn't shared a ton of info about the game. It was originally supposed to launch in 2020, but the company pushed the release date for Rainbow Six Quarantine to "early 2021" alongside Fry Cry 6. Now, players are getting their first big piece of news about the game since people raised concerns about a title with the word quarantine in it. MP1st reported that the new name, Rainbow Six Parasite, was uploaded to the PlayStation Network along with several images that are reportedly supposed to go along with the game.

The new name does need to be taken with a grain of salt, as it appears the file name was changed from Rainbow Six Parasite back to Rainbow Six Quarantine since players first started noticing. One of the leaked images stands out from the others. That image shows the button prompts if someone was playing it on the PlayStation Vita. However, MP1st reported this is for remote play and not any kind of a hint that the game would somehow be arriving on the handheld console.

Ubisoft hasn't made an official announcement about the name change. So far, there's still very little known about the upcoming title. Indeed, what was once thought of as the eventual new release date for Rainbow Six Quarantine on March 21 isn't correct. Ubisoft knocked down that rumor after it leaked online.

During its official reveal, Ubisoft did say what might be known as Rainbow Six Parasite would have some sort of tie-in to Rainbow Six Siege. As the earlier game is strictly a military-style shooter, it's unknown what sort of connections the game might offer.

Rainbow Six Quarantine, Ubisoft's upcoming tactical co-op FPS, was announced in June of 2019, and it has seen practically no fanfare since. In fact, the only news that players have gotten since the announcement was the recent reveal that Rainbow Six Quarantine was delayed due to COVID-19, alongside Far Cry 6. These games have both been delayed until at least April of 2021, if not later.

So, should players be worried? The simplest answer is probably not. While there's not going to be any definitive answer to that question until players have a copy of Rainbow Six Quarantine in their hands (or on their hard drives), there are quite a few reasons for Ubisoft to stay invested in not only Quarantine, but in the Siege universe as a whole.


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