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Kylie Jenner Join The Dating Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker

- By janawhitfield045
Publish Date : 2021-04-13 19:48:28
Kylie Jenner Join The Dating Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker

Kylie Jenner was caught joining the date of her sister, Kendall Jenner with her boyfriend Devin Booker. Kendall openly uploads moments of excitement of Kylie and Devin.
The lives of two brothers Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner have always been interesting to kid. The two of them are often seen together on various occasions.

Recently, Kylie was caught on a date with Kendall and her lover, Devin Booker, who is an NBA star. The three of them spend their time together on the weekend b


Not being caught by paparazzi cameras, Kendall herself shared portraits of Kylie and Devin on her Instagram Story page. This evidence further strengthens the fact that Kylie was spending the weekend with Kendall and Devin.

In Kendall's post, Kylie and Devin's excitement can be seen, who are competing to put the ball into the mini ring of the basketball game machine. Kylie appeared to be using the left side of the game machine and Devin was on the right.
Meanwhile, Devin seemed to be trying to throw a basketball with his long arms and tall body. Kendall seems to be more supportive of Kylie to win the game. The reason is, Kendall wrote the spirit sentence "Come on ky !," in her Instagram Story post.
Apparently, Devin is already very close to the Kardashian-Jenner family. This is because the excitement and intimacy between Kylie and Devin is clearly visible. Kendall is also known to have invited Devin to his brother Kim Kardashian's birthday party.

Kendall is known to have officially announced her relationship with Devin on Valentine's Day. Previously, Kendall had hidden her relationship with the NBA star in public. Now both of them are no longer shy about showing off their intimacy in public.

Before announcing the news of dating to the public, Kendall and Devin had already been rumored to be dating. The rumors sticked out one year before they went public, namely in April 2020. The issue of dating Kendall and Devin was based on the fact that they had traveled together to Sedona, Arizona.


Kim Kardashian Debuts on Forbes Magazine's Billionaire List

Kim Kardashian is officially on the list of world billionaires, according to Forbes magazine. The reality show star Keeping Up with the Kardashian joins well-known figures, such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, thanks to his fashion line, Skims, and a cosmetic brand, KKW Beauty.

Launching the standard.co.uk page, Wednesday (7/4/2021), Kim's total net worth is worth one billion United States dollars (US) (IDR 14.5 trillion), up from 780 million US dollars (11.3 trillion IDR) in October 2020.

As well as business, the 40-year-old woman's fortune also comes from a career in the television industry and endorsement deals, said Forbes. Kim released KKW Beauty in 2017. She was inspired by Kylie Jenner, according to Forbes, by following the success of Kylie Cosmetics.
Both businesses "rely heavily on their social media followers." Announcing her line of cosmetics in 2017, Kim told Forbes, "This is the first time I've switched from a licensing deal to owner."

Kim sold 20 percent of KKW Beauty to cosmetics giant Coty last year for $ 200 million in a deal that puts the business at $ 1 billion. Forbes said the figure was likely to be inflated as Coty was reportedly overpaid and said the remaining 72 percent of Kim Kardashian's stock was worth around $ 500 million.
Not the First Time
Furthermore, it was explained that Kim Kardashian's shares in Skims were valued at 225 million US dollars (Rp.3.3 trillion). With cash, investments and real estate, Kim's net worth counts to be one billion dollars, according to Forbes.

Kim is in fact not the first member of the Kardashian-Jenner family to be named a world billionaire by Forbes. Kylie has been touted as a billionaire, although in May last year, they revoked the title and accused her of "inflating business value."

Additionally is Kim's husband, Kanye West, who had joined the "exclusive club" last year. Thanks in large part to her shoe business, Yeezy. On the other hand, Kim filed for divorce against Kanye in February citing irreconcilable differences.

# Awkward, Kylie Jenner Attends Same Party With Tyga And Her New Girlfriend
An awkward atmosphere happened when Kylie Jenner was accidentally at the same party as her ex-boyfriend, Tyga. The atmosphere is getting tense because Tyga includes his new girlfriend.
An awkward moment between Kylie Jenner and her ex-boyfriend Tyga recently happened. How could it not be, Kylie and Tyga were found attending the same party.

This is evidenced from the shots of a number of paparazzi. In the shared photos, it can be seen that Kylie and Tyga walked out the same door. The atmosphere and setting of the place also look exactly like. So it can be ascertained that Kylie and Tyga are in the same party.

Not alone, Tyga is known to be present with his new lover, Camaryn Swanson. That fact made the atmosphere even more awkward at the party. The three of them seemed to be in the same party by chance.

The three of them are known to have just attended a party at The Nice Guy in Los Angeles, California on Friday (9/4). In the photos that were shared, Kylie appeared to be wearing a brown blazer complete with a black mask. He walked with his hair loose and escorted by a number of guards to the car.
Meanwhile, Tyga was seen wearing a black jacket complete with a hat that reads "LA". Meanwhile, his lover, Camaryn, appeared to be wearing an all-white suit. The two of them seemed to be walking hand in hand.
Meanwhile, Kylie is allegedly not present alone. Her brother, Kendall Jenner and her lover Devin Booker are also known to have joined Kylie at the party. This is because Kendall and Devin left the same party. It's just that they don't seem to go home at the same time.

Kylie and Tyga are known to have had an affair for three years. But unfortunately the relationship had to run aground halfway. Even when Kylie was pregnant first, Tyga had claimed that Stormi was her child. However, Kylie immediately rejected the allegation because Travis Scott (II) was Stormi's father.

The entire Kardashian-Jenner family also had time to clarify this. They confirmed that Travis Scott was the father of the baby Kylie was carrying.

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