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Among Us Animation Imagines It as a Creepy PS1 Survival Horror Game

- By paperrally
Publish Date : 2021-05-25 13:33:40
Among Us Animation Imagines It as a Creepy PS1 Survival Horror Game

Among Us developer InnerSloth revealed its plan to port the game to the PlayStation during the April 2021 PlayStation State of Play. The critically acclaimed title originally only existed on PC and mobile, but its unexpected rise to stardom last year provided InnerSloth with the demand and resources necessary to start porting it over to other consoles, like the Nintendo Switch. The developer even plans to release it on the Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X this year as well.

When the game arrives on PlayStation remains a mystery, but the fact that it's coming has fans excited nonetheless. One fan named Wooden Turtle decided to show their appreciation for Among Us by creating a gameplay trailer that imagines what the title would look like if it were a survival horror released back during the days of the PS1. As one can imagine, the eye-bleeding aesthetic of PS1 graphics helps to bring out the darker undertones that make up Among Us.

The narrative of the trailer itself channels the atmosphere of things like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. However, it plays out like Alien: Isolation or a Metroid game that went horribly wrong. Having found its way onto the Skeld, an Impostor rips apart the ship's crew, but not before they get a distress signal out. This signal makes it to the player's crew on the Dropship, and they gear up to investigate. Unfortunately, the monstrosity they encounter isn't something that they're at all prepared for.

The idea of an Among Us survival-horror game actually sounds like a good one, especially if executed the way Wooden Turtle has imagined it. The game utilizes a world setting befitting the genre and even offers a silent protagonist for players to project themselves onto, creating much more of an incentive for them to want to avoid getting devoured by homicidal aliens. It's hard to imagine the project not going over well with fans if InnerSloth ever wanted to go that route.

While InnerSloth probably doesn't plan on cursing Among Us with PS1 graphics anytime soon, it will give the game an art revamp and larger lobbies in the future. However, when the developer plans to release this update remains as mysterious as Among Us' PlayStation port. That said, InnerSloth did make the amount of increase to the lobbies — 10 to 15 players — common knowledge, so fans have a lot of things to look forward to for the current title.

Most people would probably agree that Among Us had a huge impact on the game industry in 2020. Nobody expected a small indie game from 2018 to suddenly become the most popular game on Twitch, but against all odds, that's what happened. Among Us proved to be the perfect gaming sensation in a year where everyone was in desperate need for simple but engaging online games. Although Among Us had a few really strong months, it's fallen out of favor with Twitch streamers a little bit, and a lot of its player base has moved on to greener pastures. Now it's up to Innersloth to think of ways to help Among Us find some longevity.


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